Detroit Pistons' 106-95 Conquest over the Washington Wizards

Posted by Andrew Julia on December 28th, 2018

The Detroit Pistons finally managed to overcome their poorest performance of the season and went straight for a 106-95 victory over the Washington Wizards at Little Caesars Arena on Wednesday. Seems like the Christmas spirit has done well for Pistons, they even nailed 24 turnovers that are the highest they have had in the season yet.

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They opened the second half of the game with 23-2 run and was able to make the least 22 by the third quarter and almost ran over everything in the fourth. They seriously could have lost, but that is not what happened! They were somehow magically able to commit almost a dozen turnovers in the last 12 minutes. It became hard to believe that they are the same Pistons who have lost 9 out of 11 games recently.

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The most notable performances include Blake Griffin’s 23 points, 9 bounds, and 6 assists then comes the Langston Galloway’s 22 points and finally Reggie Jackson’s 19 points and 6 assists.

Here are some further highlights from the game:


Coach Dwane Casey was wanting to get a high-spirit starter to start off the fifth and expecting exactly that, choose Bruce Brown Jr. for the task, he was clearly the best choice for the role. He proved that with:

Brown was faced with Washington's All-Star point guard, John Wall. The defense was so strong that Wall was only able to earn 5 points while Brown was up while he had made 19 in the first half of the game. And in the third wall was kept scoreless by Brown. He did manage to get one layup by the end against Brown though. Buy Cheap Detroit Pistons Tickets from and even get fabulous discounts.

Although Brown has not made any score during the first half, he made quite an impact on offense in the Pistons' huge upsurge during third-quarter. After an Andre Drummond backcourt steal, he made a three then throw in a fast-break layup and covered it through a free throw for a 77-57 lead.

This was Brown’s eighth start since he has been filling in for the starting wing Reggie Bullock. Bullock has missed these past seven games due to an ankle sprain.



During a recent game of Pistons vs Hawks, Galloway made up to 18 points, the highest in the team and it seems as Christmas was not able to break his spirits.

He made 17 points in the first half of the Pistons vs Wizards game and then 12 in the second quarter. All this time he had hit nonstop threes, and he concluded with one long rebound that earned Pistons their first-half lead with 38-32. Detroit Pistons Season Tickets aresale now at buy your tickets now to see Pistons play live!

He even aided Pistons in answering some of the offense issues by adding up 20 footers and a three in the early fourth.

Galloway has been making double figure scores in 14 out of 31 games for the team. He has improved from that ever-changing rotation spot in the last season when he was under the care of Coach Stan Van Gundy.

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Jackson Takes a Rough Blow

The night after Christmas, Jackson received a hard blow to cause him ankle sprain during the last season in a game against Indiana. This incident resulted in Coach Van Gundy's firing and Pistons went downhill.

Then again in a course of one year, he escaped from a major injury but it was not a complete safe. Bradley Beal carelessly elbowed him, and blood started running in Jackson’s mouth.

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