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Selecting the Perfect WordPress Theme ? 7 Things You Should Consider

Posted by ashimas on December 28th, 2018

The choice of a website theme is very important both for the website owner and the prospective visitors. With the many WordPress Themes available in WordPress, one can feel overwhelmed in making the right choice of theme for their site. There are very many free and premium options to choose from based on your needs. The problem comes in making the best choice because each theme seems better than the rest in some way. So, how do you get to make the right choice of theme for your WordPress site? These are 7 things to consider in coming up with the best theme for your WordPress site:

  1. Go for Simplicity

WordPress themes come in a variety of colours, animations and sophisticated layouts among other things. Sometimes, you may need flashy designs but in reality, it is not all the time you will need them. Even with all these options, all you need is a theme that supports your objectives. Its appearance should be great but at the same time be simple and useful in helping users get what they need.

  1. A Responsive Design

A good theme is one with desirable responsiveness on different devices and screen sizes. Today, a lot of web traffic is coming through mobile devices and therefore, the theme used must be supported on such platforms. Having a mobile friendly theme is an important consideration to make in your choice of the perfect WordPress theme for your site. More than having good content, you will need a highly responsive theme design to boost your online visibility.

  1. Compatibility with Browsers

Ensure that your theme performs well on all browsers or in the commonly used browsers. Some options may look good only to fail to load well in some browsers. In WordPress, most developers test their themes for compatibility by using complex tools. Therefore, you may get information as provided for each of the themes. If not, you can try them out on various browsers before adopting them.

  1. Supported Essential Plugins

WordPress plugins are indeed a great plus of working with WordPress. These plugins enhance your ability to do a lot of things on your site. Make sure that your chosen theme supports such plugins as Yoast SEO, Gravity Forms and so on. It is important to make sure that all popular plugins are supported in your chosen theme. The theme developer can be helpful in providing information about this.

  1. Page Builders Availability

Page builders are plugins in WordPress that make it possible to create page layouts by way of using drag and drop UI. Most of the premium themes on WordPress have pre-installed page builders where some of them get utilized by the developer alone. For that reason, it is advisable to go for a theme with the commonly used page builder plugins. Page builders can also be bought separately for use alongside other themes too.

  1. Themes with Wide Support Options

Free WordPress themes come with a challenge of finding support when you need it. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the theme developer provides support. When the WordPress theme gets messed up, you should be able to get help from the developer or support community. Otherwise, you will be on your own to establish a good solution for your theme.

  1. SEO Aspects

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not only in content but also in the design of a website. Therefore, the chosen WordPress theme should be SEO friendly. The performance of your site can either be boosted or hampered by a poorly coded HTML. As a result, it will not be in a position to show in the first page of search results. Most premium WordPress themes are fully optimized and can be a lot helpful more than free WordPress Themes options.  

There is more than meets the eye in the choice of a perfect WordPress theme for your site. While a good appearance may be a good thing to look at, the functional ability of the chosen theme should be carefully assessed. One should be able to find out how responsive a site is and go for the simplest form of website themes as long as it matches the intended goal and objectives.

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