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Posted by preform nicole on December 29th, 2018

Plastic bottles are an important part of every family in the world, and the market has created a huge demand for these bottles.

However, no one knows the technology or manufacturing process involved in making these bottles.

The manufacturing process is as follows:

Stage 1

The first stage of PET bottle manufacturing involves the manufacture or stretch blow molding of Pet Preform Mould.
The PET material is heated and placed securely within the mold to form an elongated tubular shape.

second stage

This PET tube, called the "parison", was transferred to a second bottle mold.
Upon completion, a thin rod called a "mandrel" is inserted into the interior of the parison and the parison is filled with high pressure air.
Due to this high pressure air, the parison is stretched to form the shape of the bottle.

The third phase

This is one of the toughest parts of the manufacturing process.
These direct and indirect cooling methods can be accomplished with the aid of water, carbon dioxide and pressurized air.

Stage 4

After the mold is significantly cooled, the bottle-shaped mold is taken out of the mold.

The above manufacturing process can be carried out in a continuous or discontinuous manner. In the case of continuous manufacturing, the plastic needs to be properly trimmed for removal from the mold. Worried that too much plastic will enter the mold during a discontinuous process, which requires thorough repair.

Therefore, you can manufacture PET bottles in a continuous or non-continuous process. You can also combine the two. But in either case, the final product needs to be trimmed to ensure that it is perfectly shaped like a bottle.

When the bottle is removed from the mold and the excess plastic is trimmed, the PET bottle can be transported and shipped.

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