5 Best Instagram Marketing Tips for Travel Bloggers

Posted by Ayesha Kayani on December 29th, 2018

Instagram is one the most used social media App on the internet which is available free on Play Store, IOS Store, Microsoft store and as well as desktop users. Instagram is Ranked #2 Best free App on Google Play Store after Facebook which is free.

There are millions of travel bloggers that are already using Instagram and growing fast. Some of the top travel bloggers are also making millions of dollars from Instagram and living their own luxury life. Almost 1.1 billion users are registered on Instagram with over 500 million active users per day. That's why Instagram is also one of a great platform for Travel bloggers to grow fast on the Internet.

But the question is how to become Polouar Travel blogger on Instagram and get more followers and grow fast. So in this article, I will share with y step by step guide of Instagram marketing tips for travel bloggers. You can also get Likes for Instagram to grow fast on Instagram automatically. If you follow all these steps then you can be the next famous Instagram Travel Blogger.

Blogging is one of the most popular ways to explore and to earn money. There are so many types of blogging. Travel blogging is one of them. Lots of travel bloggers are already using Instagram to become a more popular travel blogger on the Internet.

For travel bloggers, if they want to get success on Instagram then they should increase the number of audience on Instagram. It takes a lot of time to become popular and famous on Instagram. First, you should focus on increasing the audience.

There are so many marketing tips of Instagram for travel bloggers. but here are some of the top Marketing tips that you can use to grow fast on Instagram.

1- Set up a powerful Profile on Instagram:

Adding more people on Instagram is directly linkable with the powerful profile. As we are concerned with travel blogging, your profile photo should be attractive and your name should be clear. You should clearly mention in your profile that what is your business and what you do in traveling as a travel blogger. Your profile photo should be colorfully depicting about that you are a travel blogger.

2- Post on Regular Basis:

To grow your Instagram profile steadily you should post on regular basis. You should post daily on your profile. Post your Travel photography images and videos on Instagram daily. They want to see your profile if they are interested in seeing pictures. As you are travel bloggers, post elegant pictures of traveling on regular basis. So you should post daily or post 2 to 3 times a day to get more reach on your images and attract more people to follow you.

3- Use Travel Related Hashtags:

By using the quality hashtags, you can increase your followers and audience. Include the general travel-related hashtags. Use the unique hashtags that are relevant to your posts. People will search you and follow you by using different hashtags.

As we all know that on Instagram you can add 30 hashtags. But most people use 10 to 15 hashtags and really it is enough. Use the location hashtags like if you are going somewhere add your location indicating travel hashtags.

There are also regional hashtags which help people to find the blog and also the number of followers will increase rapidly. Regional hashtags are that which is related to the particular region or place. So people are more interested in finding peoples and Instagram profiles related to the particular place.

4- Engage with Your followers:

The other great Instagram marketing tip for marketers is to stay connected with your audience and engage your audience. Because your audience is your business so if you stay connected with your audience then they will stay connected with you. But due to the busy life, we all don't have too much time to stay active with our followers but now you don't have to worry. You can use safe and organic Instagram Likerto stay active and get more engagements.

5- Edit Your Images Before Posting:

If you want to increase the number of followers on Instagram as a travel blogger, then your photographs should be beautiful and attractive. One of the best way to make your photographs more beautiful just edit your photos. Edited photos increase the interest of the people to follow you effectively. If as a travel blogger you don't know much about photo editing then you should use Instagram Filters or contact priced freelancer to edit your photos before posting.

Final Words:

These are the top and best tips that you can use to grow fast on Instagram as a travel blogger. Now it's your turn to follow all these steps and use them in your Instagram Marketing strategy and grow fast.

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