Difference between term loan and Working capital demand loan

Posted by Susan Woods on December 30th, 2018

Difference between term loan and Working capital demand loan

In order to finance a business different types of loans are taken by enterprises. Today we take you through the basic difference between tersm loan and Working Capital Demand loan. Students who ask can someone do my finance homework for me are often confused between the two terms. However once you will go through this article you will never ask can someone do my finance homework for me?  

 What are term loans?

The standard business loan which is usually used for a major business asset acquisition and to pay for big investment in the business is called Term Loan. The term loans have a fixed rate of interest and an equated monthly installment scheme according to which the borrower has to pay back the loan amount along with interest at fixed intervals of time which may be either quarterly or monthly and at a particular specified date. The term loans are divided into two classes, namely, intermediate and long term loans. The loans which have a maturity period of less than three years and re paid in monthly installments are called intermediate loans. The loans whose maturity period ranges from 10 to 20 years and which includes the requirements of collateral and limits also are called long term loans.

 The term loans are best suited for the small business enterprises who want to expand their base in the future. A company can avail the term loan finance with the lowest monthly installment and least loan costs if it has strong financial structure and is ready to pay a substantial amount as down payment. This type of financing is best used for big capital investments, like, purchase of machinery, purchase of existing business and it can also be used for major construction projects and capital improvements. The only disadvantage that a term loan has is that it requires a security as collateral and it also involves a rigorous and tough process for approval.

 What Is Working Capital Demand Loan?

 Working capital demand loan is a type of loan whose main purpose is to finance the day to day operations of a company. The working capital demand loan obtained from any financial institution cannot be used to buy any long term assets; alternatively, it can be used only for funding only the short term requirements like creditors, wages, rent etc.

 There are many companies which have long term profit objective and are not able to generate the income needed to fund the everyday business expenses like rent, wages, bills payable etc. in a short period of time. Given the above mentioned circumstances, the company can apply for working capital demand loan.

 There are many types of business loans available in the market which allows the company to obtain capital so that they can expand their base, but unlike all of them, working capital demand loan allows a company to cover only those expenses which are related to the existing capital. The companies with high credit rating are the only ones who can avail the facility of working capital demand loan and the loan is made available to them only till the time the company starts making high revenue and is able to cover its own day to day expenses.

This is a kind of loan which helps a company to carry on its everyday operations despite the fact that the company is not able to meet its current operating expenditure. With this loan, a company can in a way buy time until it finds out the ways to generate the required revenue on the basis of their capital and human resources.

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