Tips for Hiring the Best Letting Agent

Posted by Stella on December 31st, 2018

Once in a person’s lifetime, it is inevitable to feel that the area in which he/she is residing is no longer suitable and there is an urgent need to move to another city like Weybridge, Surrey in London. All of us have experienced such a feeling and have many times made plans on moving but are stopped by obstacles. One of that is not finding the right letting agent who can help in letting a property. 

Who Is A Letting Agent? 

A letting agent is an intermediary or a facilitator who makes the appropriate arrangements for agreements between landlords and tenants. The role of a letting agent is the most important one for both the parties. He provides different services while working under an estate agent and for his services; he receives commission as payment 

What Qualities to Look for In a Good Letting Agent: 

Moving to another city requires months of pre-planning. You should consider many things like; estimation of the expenses, thorough research of the area and its surroundings, make social connections and especially know the letting agent in that area.  

In order to know the letting agent, you must have knowledge of the qualities that a good letting agent possesses. In this way, it will become easier for you to choose a good letting agent. A letting agent has diversified jobs to do. 

The primary duty of a letting agent is to find tenants for the landlord. The landlord can inform the company about the requirements and specifications and the agent will find the most appropriate tenants for the landlordthe same goes for the tenant. Many websites provide this service, one of which is Yooodle.  

As the cost of the agent is the form commission, the amount charged is different for every agent and he can demand the money any time and both parties are obliged to pay up-front. A good letting agent in Weybridge area will charge more than an ordinary one. 

When someone hires a letting agent, he should not worry about doing any administrative workThe agent has to handle each process required for the property of sale or rent. This will include application processing, agreement papers, checking the condition of the building and providing any necessary repairing for the property. 

He can also do other tasks apart from the regular duties. Giving and receiving payments is a very complicated job. At many times the tenants or the landlords are not available to collect or pay the rental amount. So, the letting agent can offer the service of collecting the payments from the tenants and giving it to the landlord. 

An extra amount is added in the commission to avail this service. It is better to negotiate this amount before properly hiring the agent. This is very helpful when you are making weekly budget expenses. There is also an exit fee for those who only use the services till renting the property. 

Important Points to Look for In a Letting Agent: 

A lot of people who move into other cities hire a letting agent for their own convenience, but it is important to choose the right option. You need to consider some points and keep them in mind: 

You must be absolutely sure that the agent you want to hire is registered to a rental association. This is important as there are set standards by thorganisations, which an agent must follow. These organisations also provide proper license to the qualified agents, so ask for their credentials before hiring. 

If you are planning to relocate to Weybridge, a local one will definitely know the property market and provide you with the best options.  An experienced agent who is a local will have knowledge of the area and the surroundings 

Many of us want to minimize the budget by avoiding all unnecessary expenses, but this does not mean that you should hire the cheapest agent available. You may come across some agents who demand more money but if their services are up to the mark then it will benefit you in the long term. 

There are hundreds of websites claiming to provide the best-letting agents and by reading the online reviews, you will be amazed at the success rates they have achieved. Well, this is sometimes a hoax or fraud, so one must not rely totally on online reviews. Seek out an agent by personally visiting the office or the agent. 

Lastly, it is really essential to do a background check on the letting agent. You will not be willing to hire someone with a criminal background. Talk to the people who have worked with the estate agents before to clarify any misunderstandings. 

You must have understood until now that a letting agent is a vital part of the property industry. Before reading this article, you must have never thought of hiring a letting agent but now it should have changed your thinking. It should help you in managing your expenses and relieve you of all the hustles related to property management. 



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