Homework for pupils causes too much stress

Posted by Emily Rose on December 31st, 2018

It may be argued that homework does not have any benefits on the doer. On the contrary, homework is seen as a tumor that strains relationships and has some psychological and social effects. Scientists argue that there are no known results that it enhances learning outcomes. Pupils would be in support of this motion as they are known to detest homework. Well, some teachers may go overboard in the name of ample practice while overburdening the pupil. Nobody said that the more the homework the better the results. Teachers should therefore practice moderation when it comes to giving out homework. Pupils with too much have complained of being stressed. The misconception about homework is what causes these pupils to be stressed and even depressed.

If a student is attending classes back to back from 8am to 5pm, their brain has obviously had enough. They can barely keep their concentration levels up. What they need to do is do some fun activities after school like hanging out with their friends or family. They can even engage in co-curricular activities so as to unclog their mind. In today’s school setting, pupils spend the whole day at school and they get home to get started on the pile of homework they picked from school. Some even have extra classes after school with their tutors. It is always an ongoing cycle for these pupils. They do not even have time to play, socialize or discover the talents that they have. You eat, drink and sleep school. It is no surprise that these same pupils are depressed from too much homework. You will find that they barely have the energy to complete their homework. Their parents may even do it for them to help them avoid the consequences of not doing it. This overemphasis on doing homework affects their mental health and prevents them from thinking properly. It is for these reasons that this cycle must be broken at all costs. As stakeholders in the education system whether as a parent or the government, the rights of these pupils should not be ignored any longer. They are suffering in silence and the people supposed to speak up for them blame them with calling them names that they are lazy and want extra time to engage in activities that will not be beneficial to their wellbeing.

As much as we want the children to get quality education and become better and responsible citizens, we must not forget that they are kids. Sometimes, we just need to allow them to be the children that they are. Let them have time for everything; they can seek help on their homework from friends or online sites such as Famedwritings company. If we stress these children at such a young age, we are killing the future generation that we are always talking about. There is absolutely no reason why a ten year old child should be stressed and overburdened by homework. What will become of this young pupil at the age of eighteen? These are the questions we need to ask ourselves if we are to protect the future generation.

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