Expert Advice to Transform Your Living Room

Posted by Avanica on January 1st, 2019

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No matter how good your living room looks, after a while, you’ll be looking to make changes. However, a complete makeover isn’t always necessary as you can transform your living room in these simple ways.


No matter how organized your living room is, it will start to get cluttered over time. A living room is where newspapers, magazines or books are read, puzzles are made, and snacks are enjoyed. You may open bills in the living room too, and kids may work on their school work and craft projects in the living room.

Thus, it’s no surprise that living rooms get cluttered easily. Decluttering regularly and working the clutter into decoration can transform your living room. You can use wicker baskets for newspapers, magazines and even extra cushions and blankets for the couch. This will keep the clutter out of sight and also add to the look of your living room.

Style Your Coffee Table

We tend to clutter coffee tables with TV and AC remotes, glasses, coasters, etc. Without piling everything on your coffee table, style it to transform your living room. Instead of using your coffee table as the place where everything ends up, keep it organized so that it improves the look of your living room.

Luxury furniture stores Canada have some great coffee tables, and you can add one of them to your living room to instantly transform it. If you are thinking of going in a different direction with your coffee table, teak root furniture Canada might be what you are looking for.

Rearrange Your Shelves

Bookshelves in living rooms are not only for storage, and their main purpose is decorative. Instead of filling up bookshelves, reorganize them to add to the overall look of the living room.

You can keep small potted plants, ornaments or framed photographs on the shelves to add colour to your living room.

Old Furniture

Replacing furniture is the first thing that comes to mind when we think about transforming our living room. While there are some great options, especially when it comes to teak root furniture Canada, you can use old furniture to transform your living room.

If you have an old sofa that is unsightly but you can’t afford to replace, use blankets and cushions to improve the sofa.

New Furniture

If you are looking for new furniture, consider antiques or wooden furniture. Not all wooden furniture is bulky or heavy. There are some great pieces on Avanica online furniture store that can transform your living room into exactly what you want it to be.

You should also experiment with furniture. You may be transforming your living room, but a teak bedroom furniture store may have a piece that works well in the living room too.

Layout Change

The traditional way of arranging the furniture in the living room is towards the TV. This means that you have a very limited number of ways to rearrange the layout of the living room. Instead, go for a different view. Point furniture towards a window instead of the TV and see how you can change the layout to transform your living room.

Create Contrast

Painting the entire living room is a job that can take days. Instead of redoing the entire living room, use leftover paint to change the color of a wall or two. Create contrasts that work well with your furniture. Use color and greenery to also add to the overall look of your living room.

A focal point can also transform your living room. Use a collection of furniture, paintings, photographs, and ornaments to create a focal point in the living room. Luxury furniture stores Canada have a range of products that you can use for this.


Lighting can easily transform your living room. While we tend to think wooden furniture makes a living room feel crowded, lighting, especially natural lighting, can make a room feel spacious and airy and also highlight wooden furniture.

Top to Bottom

If you are looking to completely transform your living room, you can’t stop at purchasing a few teak root furniture Canada or changing the layout. You need to move beyond a new color scheme or carpet. Look at the whole picture, and make changes from ceiling to floor.

Bio : Marcus Stewart is a retired Calgary journalist, currently working as a digital content developer for a private magazine publishers in Ontario Canada. He is writing contents about luxury furniture stores, shopping malls, restaurants etc, for the business column of the magazine.

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