Trending Logo Designs In 2019

Posted by Anees Masudi on January 1st, 2019

As 2018, is going by and 2019 is around the corner, everyone must be ready to welcome it with full heart and soul. There must be a resolution along with promises that need to be done with ourselves in order to achieve goals and targets effectively and efficiently.

Trends and tradition will also change in logo designing industries and following will be trends that will take over in the year 2019:

  • Bright Colors,
  • Multi-Color Gradients,
  • Metallic Logos,
  • Geometric Shapes,
  1. Bright Colors:

Use of bright colors has always been among the top logo design trends for so many years and it will definitely remain at the top for several years possibly. It is because using vibrant combinations of bright colors in a logo makes firm and attractive due to its the ability to be easily adapted to different kinds of brands. More importantly, Bright colors reflect your emotions in a logo.

  1. Multi-Color Gradients:

After the amendment in Instagram’s logo, using gradients in logo designing becomes a trend and it’ll dominate in 2019 also. Gradients really proved as a solid graphic trend for the past few years. This is the reason why they have made their way to designing a logo as well.

  1. Metallic Logo Designs

Although metallic logos are not new in logo designing trends in the year 2019, it will be among the top and dominating logo designing trends because they’ll spread to different industries as well as leaving jewelry brands apart.

  1. Geometric Logos:

As it is said that, In geometry, each shape has a meaning. For instance, Circle means eternity or completeness. A square means stability. One of the unique quality that a geometric logos have is that they are capable of simplifying complex figures easily.

Not only these, but there will be many more logo design trends in 2019 that will dominate each and every industry in its own way and allowing logo design companies to keep a strict eye over these trends to gain their client’s trust and build long term relationship with them.

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