Reasons to Try Cardio Kickboxing Right Now

Posted by irvingbootcamp on January 2nd, 2019

Cardio kickboxing is a loved fitness program that is carried out in groups. This workout combines martial art as well as fast-paced cardio techniques to bring the best workout challenges. Whether you are a beginner or an athlete alike, you’ll definitely love it and the related benefits.

It helps in building stamina, improving coordination and flexibility in body, and burning calories. All these benefits are quite obvious because you build lean muscle while practicing this fun and challenging workout.

You must be wondering what this workout is. The best person to give you knowledge on this is an experienced instructor. They’ll explain it to you in practical by giving the appropriate demonstrations. You’ll learn choreographed movements of kicks, punches and knee strikes; all these movements are practiced at a fast-paced music. So, it brings a fitful and enjoyable experience to all the learners seeking a good Adult Fitness program. There is a mix of punches in cardio kickboxing such as:

  1. Jabs
  2. Hooks
  3. Crosses
  4. Uppercuts

Lower body movements include:

  1. Front kicks
  2. Knee strikes
  3.  Sidekicks
  4. Back kicks
  5. Roundhouse kicks

The classes also incorporate a session of warming up and cooling down. Additionally, you’ll practice static and dynamic stretching to improve the flexibility of your body. Often, the workouts include a brief segment for core exercises such as crunches and planking.

Typical classes for cardio kickboxing run between 30 minutes-1 hour; this entirely depends on the trainer of your gym or studio that what program he says is suitable for you.

This amuses many people but yes it is a non-contact workout. The learners or the ones who practice it just throw their punches onto the pads or in the air. It involves a lot of energy and is therefore known as a high-energy workout. You can expect to burn 350 to 450 calories in an hour if your practice it religiously.

It casts a positive impact on your heart by elevating the heart rate and moving it to an intense zone for cardiovascular conditioning. As a result of this, you’ll lose fat faster than any means. All you need is a professional to train you the right way and offer you Diet Programs that suit you best.

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