Tips to Integrate Social Media in Your Website

Posted by theparkgroup on January 2nd, 2019

According to Hootsuite’s Social Media Barometer there are over 3.2 billion social media users. With so many consumers active in social media, it is of no surprise that businesses worldwide are really interested to link their social presence with their websites. The story in Macon is also similar.

Now, it is a real challenge before web designers of Macon how they can better infuse social media into their designing process. Some of the common ways are:

• Including social buttons on a website
• Embedding videos from YouTube
• Sticking share icons to a blog’s sidebar

These are common practice in Macon web design. So, to upgrade and attract more users you need to think of many other creative ways to include social media in a webpage. Here are some ideas that you may consider:

Homepage feeds

A great way to bring your products to life on site is through integrating social feeds, especially Instagram feeds on homepage. Decide to go with this strategy only when your social feeds contain high quality images and not selfies or advertisements.

It will be more significant if you can share the photos of customers using your products. Above all, it will be users’ generated content that will build a sense of authenticity and trust among your followers.


Hashtags are symbols we use long before social media came into existence. Modern customers also seem to prefer this symbol.

Apart from adding really cool touch to your brand, hashtags encourage social sharing and provide customers a hub for discussion about their favorite brands and products. Three powerful hashtags that you can use:

• Content hashtags
• Brand specific hashtags
• Trending hashtags

Hashtags can also be used as an incentive. If you offer discount or promotions and feature it with a hashtag phrase, a small interaction can commence within your traffic.

Get into social feeds of audience

Social media can be described as the modern word of mouth. So, you have to do everything to get into social feeds of your audience. One way can be to include social sharing on your product page so that the viewers can share the products they like on their social pages. However make sure that the social buttons do not interrupt the buying process.

Talk to visitors

Most of the time websites are just there to learn about the businesses. So the audience flocks into their social accounts to actually engage with businesses. Besides placing live chat in a website there are ways to make the web design really talk to the visitors.

It can be done by introducing a quiz format where the audience can participate or the designer can take resort to Artificial intelligence to bring in the interactive element. Though, implementing AI element will be difficult.

Social Media plays a big role in the marketing endeavors and website is also a channel to strengthen your social media presence. So you should think of more unique elements of web design and make it better.

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