A Comprehensive Discussion On Sandwich Elisa Principle

Posted by antibodyelisa on January 3rd, 2019

The fact is that Sandwich ELISA is a less common variant of ELISA (Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay), however, it is considered massive efficient in sample antigen detection. In addition, many commercial ELISA pair sets are established on this sandwich ELISA.

What is Sandwich ELISA?

The Sandwich ELISA is a sensitive and strong way which helps to measure the antigen concentration in an undefined sample. The fact is that antigen of interest is evaluated between two layers of antibodies. These antibodies need to bind to non-overlapping epitopes on the antigen. The fact is that either affinity-purified polyclonal or monoclonal antibodies can be used as capture and detection antibodies depending on the dynamic range, cost, and the sensitivity of the final assay.

The advantage of using the Sandwich ELISA principle is that the sample does not need to get purified before analysis. The fact is that Sandwich ELISA procedures may be daunting to optimize and there is a need of tested match pair antibodies, which helps to know that antibodies are detecting various epitopes on the target protein thereby they do not a constraint with the other antibody binding.

The general Principle of Elisa Test is as follows:

  • First, apply a sample of known antigen to a surface. Make sure the antigen is fixed to the surface to render it static.
  • Then other surfaces should coat with blocking buffer.
  • Now detect antibody by way of diluted in blocking buffer and then applied to the plate for irrevocable to the antigen coated on the plate.
  • Then wash out the plate thereby unbound antibody is removed. Once done this, only the antibody-antigen complexes still attached to the well.
  • The second antibodies that would bind to any antigen-antibody complexes must be added to the wells. In addition, the second antibodies are attached to the substrate-modifying enzyme.
  • Now clear or wash the plate thereby that excess unbound antibodies can remove.
  • After this, add or apply a substrate which is converted by the enzyme to elicit a fluorescent or chromogenic signal.
  • Finally, view the result by using a spectrophotometer or with the help of other optical devices.

Moreover, the Sandwich ELISA can apply for the following experimentation or research:

  • When there is need for steady and flawless detection of antigen concentration in an unknown sample
  • When massive detection sensitivity and reproducibility are needed

Sandwich ELISA development needs around 2 months to complete, relying on the availability of the antigen and the antibodies, which can ensure by the customers or developed by Booster Antibody and Elisa experts. In addition, for every process, Booster Antibody and Elisa experts offer the protocol as well as all required reagents.

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