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Where to Find Foreign Web Designers in Shanghai

Posted by williamsmith5099 on January 3rd, 2019

Looking for a foreign web designer is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Its very easy to go months on with interviews and never find the correct designer. In this article we share some tips about how to look for your next awsomely talented foreign designer in this city.
Offline Hangouts
As you are aware, most foreigners in Shanghai tend to hang out in the same places. These places are common events such as bars, clubs and resturant cafes. It is not unusual to find many foreign web designers  working or even taking meetings at cafes in Shanghai. Starbucks, Costa, the list goes on. Most also will meet for bruch at resturants that offer western food.
Online Portolios
A lot of foreign web designers have their portfolios online. There are many platforms such as Behance, Dribble, etc. For Shanghai native foreigners there is SmartShanghai and CreativeHunt. You will find a wide range of Foreign Web Designers In Shanghai from different backgrounds and countries on such sites.
Intern Agencies
There is a hidden gem of talent in universities overseas that will look for China experience. Most of these are affiliated to an intern agency in their country. It definetly is a great find and value for your company if you can hire a foreign web designer as an intern. Then give him or a she a full time job. The internship gives your company the test period. Smartinternchina is an agency that is known to have provided such services for local companies in Shanghai.
Online Job Boards
Look no further than the internet job boards for web designers who are looking for work. Bear in mind that most web designers will take on freelance work as side jobs. Thus, it is very hard to find a good web designer on an online job board. Usualy this means no body wants him or her, or they are unable to sell themselves. Its not high on our list of places you should look for a web designer but if you have no choice then you could search on sites like: Jobs in Shanghai , eChinacities and Laowai Career make a good starting point.
Other Companies
As it is obvious in many things in life. The best things are already taken. In Shanghai however it is very common for talen to jump ship. Your client probably has a talent web designer that they are not paying well or is not getting challenged. Why not make a silent offer and see?
Outsource to a Web Agency
Lets be honest. A web designer who only works on Design isnt going to match a full team of web designers and web developers. For many companies in Shanghai it makes sense to outsource web design to a web agency as it is much cheaper and there are no long-term contracts or employee contracts involved. For Shanghai there are only a handful of foreign web agencies who would have foreign web designers. On such company is Lordeys Shanghai. The company has several awards under its belt for an obvious reason.
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