The success of Python in BATS

Posted by narayana on January 4th, 2019

The Blind Audio Tactile Mapping System helps to Access Maps for the blind. The main goal is to provide visual information to users.  Morris who is blind faces denial of access to information. Finally with his work in AWMC makes his goal to success. Thus he creates a solution for blind and visually impaired. An audio-tactile approach is a basis for developing the tool. It provides access through sound and touch. The core components of the system are Pentium 111 computer running windows 2000. It serves as the primary input device. Microsoft SDK 5.1 uses to communicate with a synthesized voice. So let’s look up the success of python in BATS  is implemented using python operator. You can follow python online training for updates of python. Visit onlineitguru for more information about python tutorial And python  download

The success of python in BATS

Choice of python

Before BATS system. There are no maps for accessible to visually disabled people. The project started at the University of North Carolina with the same group. Initially, they have an idea of using C++ or Java.  But later they think of the use of python certification. Because python has an extensive collection of libraries. And the power of python impresses them. So they uses WXpython, a python wrapper. It requires a minimal coding. And it utilizes to provide event handling, limited graphical interface. They use Microsoft API to provide speech capabilities. Open AL provides to play audio icon. Data for the map is through the Database connectivity driver. It is attached to the database file. The software is specifically to run on the Windows operating system.


Tom the director of AWM Center introduces Barrington Atlas. It is a twelve year first comprehensive map of Greeks. AWM Center is digitizing all the information in the atlas. Thus it becomes a rich educational tool. so, It translates the visual representation of the image. And underlying the database information into a programmable format.

Initially, they provide two data files for The success of Python in BATS using Arc-view. Arc view is a powerful tool for working with the map.  They produce two ASCII text files. The ASCII use for indicating the surface type and elevator of the map. so, the information is formatted as a grid of 1024 column and 768 rows. This is to match the resolution of the display and touchpad. Then they read grid of numbers into numeric arrays in python.

The grid correspondence between the pixel of image & text file. They visualize user will receive feedback. This feedback is through audio device about the current location on the map. Thus python retrieves the information from the data structure. Probably watching the users cursor on the screen upon entering an ocean area. The program sound output with sounds of waves. When they reenter the land the sound switched again.

They use two components GUI and Data Manager. The user interacts the data with data management. One interface uses the touchpad to assist visually impaired people. The data manager uses the win32 all package.  The data manager maintains data in three numeric arrays. The three arrays use to store altitude, land type, and database key. Queries for access database are done through ODBC connection. By using data value key uses to determine city information. This allows for the dynamic creation  of maps

Conclusion: Thus The success of Python in BATS application using python makes a great impact. This is a great gift for visually handicapped. You can also learn more on python in python online training.

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