DHB Anabolic Steroid 1-testosterone Powder

Posted by anabolicraw on January 4th, 2019

DHB Anabolic Steroid 1-testosterone Powder

dihydroboldenone powder
DHB injectable steroid powder
1-testosterone powder

1-testosterone (DHB) is an anabolic steroid that has some unique properties.

DHB is very anabolic, which means it should give the users some nice lean muscle gains. It is even more anabolic than testosterone, equipoise and deca durabolin.

DHB is not aromatize and the users donot need to worry about estrogenic side effects including gynecomastia and water retention. DHB is a great pre-contest hormone.

DHB can also gives the users nice gains in strength without hurting appetite. In this way, it is also a great bulking steroid.

Recommended dose and cycle: The recommended dose of DHB is 400-500 mg per week with some long-ester testosterone.

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