Some FAQs About USB C Cables Answered!

Posted by sfcable on January 4th, 2019

When it comes to establishing good quality connections, the utility of USB cables is important. Whether you want to charge your mobile phone, connect your computer accessories, or run a printer, you would need the technology that works with all kinds of operating systems. And this is when a Universal Serial Bus aka USB comes into the picture.

We have witnessed the evolution of these ports over the years. And it has come a long way since its inception. Talking about the versions, USB C is the latest one and it supports the fastest standard viz. USB 3.1/3.2. Search with the term USB Cable near me and you are sure to find several companies that sell these cables online in the USA. Now that we have discussed USB C and since it is considered to be the future there might be several questions and concerns that people have.Let’s try to understand the USB C technology better by answering certain frequently asked questions.

What is the Difference Between USB and USB C?

As explained above, USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. It is an industry standard jargon for short distance data communication. USB C cables are representative of the latest connector standards which are set by the USB Implementers’ Forum - USB-IF which entails Intel, Apple, Belkin, and Dell. In some years, this standard is likely to replace its preceding versions including USB A, B, and Mini B standards.

So, What is USB C Cable?

You can plug USB C into any USB C port on your smartphone, computer, or another device when there is a need to charge it or transfer data with other devices. You can also ask someone as to where can I find USB cable near me and you are sure to find a resource. In case you do not have this cable, you can make use of an adaptor. Thereafter, you would be able to plug your cable into your computer or smartphone and use it like any other USB Cable.If you want to charge your smartphone with the help of USB C, you would need a compatible wall charger. In a nutshell, USB C cable is the update of USB B or A and has been in use since 2015.

What Can You Use USB C for?

You can use this cable with anything right from connecting computer paraphernalia like keyboards, mice, and printers, to transferring data and charging batteries and gadgets. Devices like tablets and smartphones as well as Game Consoles have the provision of integrating USB C cables and ports. Especially, when it comes to connecting, charging, and expanding the range.

Are USB C and Micro USB Same?

Although USB C looks a lot like Micro USB, it is a little different connector standard. This is because the ports and cables of this version are thicker as compared to other cables. Also, unlike other cables, USB C doesn’t have up and down orientations. Which means, there’s no need to fret over whether you have plugged in the right way or it should be the other way around.

There are other differences of note. Unlike micro USB and earlier generation USB cables, the USB-C cable does not have an up or down orientation, so you no longer have to worry about checking whether you’ve got it the right way up, or be concerned about flipping it the right way when you’re ready to plug in your phone for charging. Another convenient feature is that both ends of the cable are exactly the same, so any end of the cable would work for you.

How Is USB-C different from Its Predecessor Versions?

The anatomy of USB C is what makes it different as compared to its predecessor versions. Like we explained before, there is no up and downside to the plug and the ends on both the sides are the same. This quality makes it easier to use. Also, it is smaller and lighter as compared to the previous types and perfectly suitable for the latest devices that support fast-paced transfers.You would also be able to charge your smartphones and other devices faster as compared to other USB types and it will support high-quality video and audio.

What Does the Future of USB C Look Like?

People all over the world have embraced the utility of these USB cables as they enable one to transfer data faster as compared to its old versions. In 2015, the day on which Apple unveiled its 12-inch MacBook, the company designed it by keeping just one port for video output, charging, and transmission of data. They did this keeping USB C ports in mind. Devices like Google Pixel, HTC 10 as well as LG G5 also make use of USB C ports. Brands like OnePlus already make use of USB C ports on their phones. Although Ethernet and Firewire connections support data transfer faster than Universal Serial Bus C, their adaption rates are lower as compared to it.

We hope that we have answered most of your queries on USB C type. Stay tuned for more information! This article is Originally Posted here

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