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Posted by eliteinternet on January 4th, 2019

Involuntary leakage of urine in male patients is a very common thing. There are a lot of reasons that can give rise to this circumstance. One of the main factors can be diabetes where the person loses control of their bladder and urinary incontinence occurs. It is a very difficult situation for men, which can take place at any point in time. Urinary incontinence can also occur due to unstable mental conditions, and those may have no solutionsfor the long run. It is also a big problem to remain active indaily life.

Earlier treatments for this condition included the use of adult diapers. However, this solution came with a number of additional problems. Adult diapers required regular changing and were not proven to be effective over a long period of time. They could also leak at any time and in a public place. A better solution was needed and thanks to medical science they came up with one that can treat this condition more effectively. It is known as a condom catheter and is generally placed on the tip of the male reproductive organ and then urine is collected in a container that is connected to a pipe. It can be released at any point.

In many cases, the materials of a diaper may not be suitable for continuous use. On the other hand, a condom catheter is harmless, effective in its job and also causes no infection to the urethra. This also provides a lot of convenience for people to be able to continue with their daily activities. You can easily buy catheters online and get more information on the site about these products. For instance, it is very important to know about the material of the catheter. It should not have any harmful reaction on the skin. Unlike diapers, catheters do not have a tendency of absorbing the urine and keeping it in close contact to the skin. Instead they collect it in a separate container for future disposal.

An external catheter must be flexible and be able to provide genuine comfort to the patient. One must be able to wear it with everything, be it jeans or shorts. You can also go through detailed catheter reviews and get more information on this amazing product. The ones that are made of silicone do not need any adhesive to stay in place, which means they will cause no rash or irritation.

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