Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney If I Have Minor Injuries?

Posted by SimonEsfandi on January 4th, 2019

After an accident, most people are in a dilemma whether or not they should visit a doctor. This is the most common mistake, and one of the main reasons why so many people are left without the compensation they deserve. Even if your injuries are minor, or you believe them to be irrelevant and not worthy of the trouble, you SHOULD visit the doctor. Once you are fully checked, you may be surprised by the outcome.
The question is – do you need to hire a personal injury attorney Los Angeles if you believe that you have minor injuries? And the answer is always the same – YES! Here is why.



Once you consult with the doctor, you will find out that your injuries are much more serious than you initially thought. Every minor injury can get worse over time; symptoms such as pain, sprains, and strains are something that does not project immediately. It takes some time before the true injury shows off, and at that point, it will become more complicated and may cause you harm. The most dangerous injuries are internal bleedings, that give little to no sign once injured. However, it quickly develops into a life-threatening situation.
Additionally, it will be a lot more complicated to prove that your "new injury" is, in fact, the old one, as you didn’t consult with the medical professional on time. Our Los Angeles Auto Accident Attorneys advise you to ignore your guts and get checked on time to avoid any potential long-term complications. It may save you a lot of money, and your life if things get very complicated.


To get compensated for an injury that took place on the day you were caught in the accident, all you have to do is have your attorney contact the insurance carriers and settle the deal. Further negotiations are possible.
However, to get compensation for an injury that developed as a result of the initial injury, it will be harder to prove. This is where things start to get really complicated, and you may be denied payment for anything "new" that has occurred. For this very reasons, you should contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles and have one professional at your side. Dealing with the insurance company can get stressful and exhausting, and you may want someone with more experience dealing with it for you.


If you call one of our attorneys today, you will be given a chance to schedule a free initial consultation, receive a free case review and legal guidance. Additionally, our attorneys may offer to charge you a percentage of your final compensation. In other words, you won’t be charged initially for our services, but a percentage of your full compensation will be charged once we help you receive it. With that in mind, you should be aware that you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Don’t hesitate to approach us as soon as you or someone you love to get involved in a car accident.
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