Business or Pleasure: 5 Travel Tips to Live by in 2019

Posted by Nabin Shaw on January 4th, 2019

Many have travelled already, while others will be planning their vacations for January.

Besides, the year 2019 is sure going to bring a lot of possibilities – and you don’t know where you might be going next on business or pleasure.

No matter what takes you out of your country, here are some tips to keep at the back of your mind.

1)      Research your destination

Your travel plans will usually include just where you are going. Not just the country but the state/ region where you would be living for the duration of your stay.

Take time to look at this information and memorize it if possible. Go online and read upabout this location. It wouldn’t hurt to check the political stability, places where you can get good food, general standard of living, crime rate and so much more.

What you get could be a reliable bank of information at one point or the other during your travels.

2)      Research the culture

A lot of things might be welcome in your home country but totally offensive in others. Even if you would not be staying out on your travel for long, you should still try to be a good guest.

Particularly, look for cultural shocks and wide differences that are worth considering. Make a mental note (or physical note, if need be) of them and train your mind to avoid these things.

Know what is rude, what is expected of you and what you shouldn’t worry about. Trust us, that would save you a lot of stress.

3)      Get a VPN

Don’t be amazed when you get to a foreign country and suddenly find out that some of the online content you have been enjoying in yours is gone.

A good number of times, this would be due to certain geo-blocking techniques from the creators of such content. They do this to ensure they distribute content to onlyregions where it can be controlled. This is true for sports games (college football, NHL, NFL, etc.), entertainment (Netflix, etc.), internet platforms (YouTube, etc.) and so much more.

Some countries even have server limitations in place that prevents their citizens/ those living in the country from accessing some websites on the internet. There are VPN offers available to ease your foray into the VPN world, and you can use these pieces of software to beat any and all limitations as provided above.

4)      Learn some phrases

This will be especially important for those going to other countries where they don’t speak the Language. Grab a phrase book and learn thebasic greetings. It would not hurt to learn how to request common things (‘common,’ in this case, is dependent on you) and saying thanks too.

They will all come in handy when you find yourself in tight spots.

5)      Plan to explore

Even if you are out on business, it would be poor on your part to visit an entirely new culture and not explore. Research the sights you should totally see before leaving and plan towards them.

Enjoy the nightlife, take in the scenery, absorb the culture, enjoy the food… the whole nine yards.


This is, in no way, an exhaustive guide to guide your travels. However, you will find out that they offer highly practical pieces of advice to ensure you get the most out of your trips.

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