7 Hair color secrets to keep in mind

Posted by prashantrahul on January 4th, 2019

Everybody loves change. And hair coloring is an ongoing trend right now which every girl wants to have. Different colors, just look so amazing and also gives a change time to time. But to have something in your hair, usage of chemicals will obviously be there. Many of them are scared too because of the fact that everyone thinks that hair get damage in the same process. Which is somewhere true too, but we are here with some of the amazing secrets that you can keep in your mind while having a hair color.

So, find your perfect shade of color or create a new look. Everybody has doubts that for how long that the hair color is going to stay. This is question that no one can answer but the answer to this is how well you are caring of the same hair. As there are so many hair chemicals are used, so caring of the same is the must job, otherwise you will end up damaging your hair very badly. So here are some hair color secrets, so that you won’t suffer the damage:


So here is the first secret, that if you want to have the term of hair color for a longer time as what it already is. If you want to make your hair color look shining and fresh all the time. So, whenever you do your hair color from the salon. Do not wash your hair so quickly. Let the dye settle properly first. If you will wash your hair color soon after you colored your hair, so there are a lot of chances that the color starts to fade early.  At least wait for 2 days. If you feel the need of cleaning the hair a little bit, put some light cold water drops and move your fingers on the scalp slowly.

Even after some days, don’t wash your hair so regularly. You can keep your color fresh by washing your hair after third day with the right hair product.


It is very important to use the right hair product. Cleaning the hair is one of the basic things that we do, but while we are having hair color, we need to take care that what hair product we are using, it is very necessary to use shampoo that are specifically designed for color-treated hair. Not only the specific shampoo will give the fresh look but also it will prevent the fadedness of the hair color.

Also, to have the right hair color to have amazing shining, you can use Ulta coupons and buy the best hair products from their website. Because of the right product the color will go away slowly and you will be able to enjoy the hair color for a longer period of time.


If we use hot water while washing our hair, so it will open the outer cellular layer of the hair which will cause the color loss. So, it is advisable to wash hair by cold water as it will make the look fresher and for a longer period of time. In winters, its very difficult to bath with a cold water, so as the conditioning is the last step of the hair wash, so just rinse the hair while conditioning with cold water.


Conditioning your hair specifically with cold water is very important in color-treated hair. But normal condition won’t be enough for such kind of hair, deep conditioning is very necessary. It will not just give a shiny look to your hair, but also will protect them from color loss and hair damages. They are basically designed for just to prevent the hair color from fading.  Always apply the conditioner from the roots to the tip so that it nourishes it completely. Just to have the complete benefit of the process, rest the conditioner for around 10 minutes.


Even with regular use of conditioner for color-treated hair and a deep conditioner, your hair may get dry from time to time. Hair oils can help moisturize both dry and wet hair to help preserve the color. Always know that a little application of oil will give you immense benefits.

In the case of wet hair, take a small amount of hair oil and nourish with properly with your hands all over your hair from the scalp to the tip.

And in the case of dry hair, take a drop like amount of hair oil and put just on the tips of the hair. You can use all type of hair oil available like coconut oil, argan oil, marula oil, avocado oil or jojoba oil.


We all girls are very fascinated towards straight or proper curly hair. For a change sometimes, it good as they look very amazing but it’s not necessary that whatever looks good is good your hair, specifically color treated hair. You need to cut down the usage of heat styling to avoid fading of your color. Also, always apply a heat protectant product first on your hair, so that you won’t lose the hair color so fast. You can also use the spray hair protectant as they are the best for thin and fine hair. You can also use the lowest heat setting on the heating device to achieve the result that we want to avoid the hair color damage.


If you travel a lot outside, then even the sun rays can damage your hair color. The UV rays can actually fade away the hair color. So, it is advisable to use SPF spray on your hair, if you are going out in the day time. Pay proper attention towards the crown of your hair, spray there properly as it receives most of the sun rays.

Also, if you are going for a longer period of time or hate using more and more hair products, you can also use a scarf to cover your head while going out in a very fashionable way to protect your hair color for a longer period of time.

Get out of the myth that hair color will always damage your hair and will fade away super soon. There are a lots of hair color secrets from which seven are mentioned above which help you to keep your hair color for a longer period and prevent hair damage. Follow all the steps properly and you are good to go.

Have a change, don’t be scared.

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