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Posted by Maplestory2M on January 5th, 2019

Won't say I haven't poe currency gotten in trouble a few times, but she is usually pretty busy with school stuff andor whatever show she's currently obsessed with. Surprisingly enough, several hardcore Destiny Runescape players commented on comphermc's post, revealing that they too have logged around  hours. In fact, a user named BeefaloCL

has about  ingame hours.Crazy.Whenever I see reports like this, the comments are filled with people who liberally use phrases like "what a loser" and "get a job," but I hope we can avoid that stuff with comphermc and anyone else, actually.Comphermc loves Destiny, so he's playing Destiny. We don?t know anything about his personal

life or his work situation, so lets not judge.Comphermc seems like a dude who has some extra time and wants to spend it playing a game. I'm cool with that.Batman Arkham Knight's Harley Quinn DLC Is Prequel. Batman Arkham Knight preorder customers will get a special Harley Quinn DLC pack. According to Amazon, this DLC's a

lot more interesting than expected.When poe marketplace we first learned of the Harley Quinn DLC, we were told it included four exclusive challenge maps. Runescape players would control Harley Quinn during these maps and complete them using her "unique weapons, gadgets and abilities."A few months later, though, Warner Bros. began describing

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