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In many situations, fashion is considered as ‘the industry.’ It is a creative mind of designers that form as brands. It’s trending now and international business with a worldwide presence. These trends are now the main reason for economic hike graph. In a few countries, it is the main asset that supports socially and economically. Such industry gets support quite heavily by the respective government.

What’s in fashion? Is it just clothes? Does fashion rely on culture? Is fashion art? What is the relation between fashion and lifestyle? Well, talking in detail it is nothing but broader trends in society and creative expression. Trend forecasters usually look into culture for different styles to balance fluctuations in the economy. Everything including the length of the skirt and the texture of the garments was also extracted from the culture which complements with the present day trends.

Influence of Culture on fashion:

The clothes we wear or the clothes we prefer represent who we are. Most of the times it also describes who we want to be. Style speaks about us in a language every fashion follower knows. The essence of tradition is also -included in the design of clothes.

It is a must to know the influence of culture on the fashion industry. Fashion is not just a factor that is only related clothing or accessories; it is also connected to our lives in every aspect. It is a way how every individual lives his/her life. Fashion is beyond what we think. It influences our lifestyle. Fashion is affected by different factors like cultural changes, art and also influenced by technological innovations.

There is deep interaction of different cultures in the consumer lifestyle. Fashion is made by people of different cultures, and it is also essential to realize that it depicted from people living in different locations. If you want to understand fashion the best tip is to understand what’s going on around us that is to know the way we live in.

One need to know about culture as fashion and style have relied on culture. Religion is made of different factors like social norms values, education and so on. To understand the future of global consumerism, it is a must to understand the perspective of people towards fashion. Also, it is essential to know by which culture most of the people are influenced. In most of the countries like India, local culture plays a leading role, but still, common people are seen wearing trendy clothes matching current global fashion.

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