Key Influencers in Retail Tech: Exploring Social Media & Disruption in Tech

Posted by Deeksha on January 7th, 2019

Disruption in technology is changing the way retail functions. The advent of Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and robotics-driven automation are the future of retail. In order to spur sales, survive in the cut-throat competitive retail world, increase profitability, retailers are embracing the technologies. These assimilations are according to the report titled, “Key Influencers in Retail Tech (H1 2018),” which has been latterly added to the repository of Market Research Hub (MRH). Retailers are highly affected in light of what topics are trending among the retail tech influencers in social media.

The retail tech influencers Tamara Mccleary, Prof. Dr. Vladimer Botsvadze, Michael Fisher, Nicole Reyhle, Michael Schiemer, Andrew Busby, Sanford Stein, Edd Cleary, Bob Phibbs and Graham Soult provide insights on major areas of influence and their contributions. Moreover, their number of followers on twitter, tweet/retweet count, favorite counts and trends which find frequent mentions in the influencers’ network with their respective tweets have impact on the retail business.

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Key Influencers in Retail Tech: Report Content

The report provides an exhaustive analysis in retail technology which is based on discussions made by key influencers in the retail technologies. Besides, the prominent section of the report incorporates top 100 influencers with profiles on top 10. The report also delves into the emerging trends and most talked about topics among the influencers.

The report provides a thorough assessment on the influencers’ word cloud and impressions on twitter. Furthermore, the report peruses on the mega trends from social media and sheds light on trends which are extensively tweeted and discussed by the influencer network. Predominantly, the report also deciphers new topics to stay ahead of the emerging trends in the retail industry.

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The report begins with retail tech overview followed by top 100 influencers and profiles of top 10 influencers. The report provides assessment on the online retail, stores, electronic retailing. The report then discusses artificial intelligence, IoT, Industry 4.0, retailer, big data and augmented reality.

Key Influencers in Retail Tech: Research Methodology

The report provides a comprehensive research methodology incorporating secondary and primary research. The analysis in the report is on the back of secondary research, primary interviews and reviews by expert panel.

The secondary research include SEC filings, company websites, twitter, statistical database and industry white paper. The primary research incorporate e-mail interaction, face to face interviews and phonic interviews. To provide the readers with an honest report, expert panel assesses the data collated from different sources.


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