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Posted by Winnie Melda on January 7th, 2019

To:  All Personnel


Date: 9/3/2017

Subject: Introducing a dress code and addressing late coming

As a company, we pride ourselves on the professional atmosphere that we normally maintain and also the positive image employees present in the organization. Our image is normally affected by the way the employees dress when in the office and also when in public representing the company. It is important that what we wear at work demonstrate our professionalism and because of that, we are introducing a dress code to the company. As the company continues to grow, the staff members must exhibit a look that does confirm our professionalism to our customers, coworkers, and also our partners. It is important that we have a dress code in the firm as it tends to give a standard for professional appearance. All employees are supposed to wear appropriate business attire. With the new dress code, women are supposed to wear dresses, suits, skirts with sweaters or blouses. For the case of men, they must wear suits, collared dress shirts, and include a tie and the dress slacks. Some of the dressings that will not be allowed in the office include mesh skirts, shorts, tank tops, jogging suits, ripped jeans, caps, and sweatpants. However, on Fridays, employees are allowed to wear casual clothes. While we aim to continual presenting a professional image to our clients and the public, with the casual wear, the employees are supposed to use good judgment to make sure that their dress is appropriate for all activities that they are going to be involved in on that date.  The casual wear is clothing that allows the employee to be comfortable in the workplace and also looks professional and neat.

Recently, it has been reported that employees have been taking the office timing lightly. Based on the attendance record, we have observed that the late comings are increasing and based on the company’s code of conduct, it does not allow more that three late coming in a month. Employees are supposed to report to work on time, and they should not leave the work premises before the end of their shift except with the authorization of the manager. When considering the increase in the number of some late comings, the management has decided to provide a grace period of 15 minutes for every employee to arrive at work after the start shift time on all working days. For those employees who will report lateness in more than three days in a month considering the grace period, they will receive a warning letter from the management. After getting the warning letter, employees will be required to follow the timings and failure will result in a deduction of the salary for every day that the person comes late to the workplace. We always accept the genuine reasons that an employee might present for being late; however, when the employee start taking it for granted, it becomes the company’s responsibility to take the necessary course of action. Therefore, all employees are required to observe the new dress code introduced and also be very keen on the time they are expected to report to work. If you have any questions regarding the issues above, please discuss with your supervisor.

Thank you

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