Many Services, just One Great App!

Posted by rikashimizu on January 7th, 2019

Playing with your strength is the key to making it big in any industry. This article is aimed at giving you insights about how you can develop a handy application for your customer base. Well, it would be biased to call something handy or great by not knowing what it can do for you. Let’s get to know if the concept is actually great or otherwise, from the answers of a recent survey. So, basic questions first, what does an app do for entrepreneurs and what do you want it to do the customers (end users). This is the first part of the survey conducted with 20 tech entrepreneurs in the service providing industry. The survey resulted in answers like “one app cater all”, and “why many apps for different services?” and questions like “ should you develop different apps for different services for your customers?”

The second part was with more on the lines of B2C, the end users of the applications that are being developed today. To questions like, would you like to use many apps for different services or one app with a lot of services, 86% of the people replied with “one app many services option”. The results showed that there’s a need for one app with many services and not the other way around.

Well, just for your reference this survey was conducted in the year 2018, and thus the rise of many services in one app is the talk of the town. This has led to one or two names in the market. The success of Gojek in Indonesia is also a contributing factor to the whole fad in making Gojek a sought-after application. It seems to have a positive effect on the entrepreneurs who were previously indecisive about what kind of service they would provide to their customer base. Now, with Gojek showing the way with many services in one app, decisions have become easier. Entrepreneurs now know, instead of any X, Y or Z service, they can now provide A to Z services by developing a Gojek like app.

Now, developing an app right from its rudimentaries is not going to be a cake walk. The basic coding to get the user interface the right way are all challenges that make entrepreneurs uneasy in the initial stages. And as an entrepreneur, burning a hole in your pocket is hardly ever an option. Solution? Get a clone of the app. With the same features as the original app provides, additionally you can add bespoke enhancements that you feel can boost your app. A Gojek clone app can solve the problem of financial paucity, and other app oriented challenges.

However, how you market the finished product is entirely on you. Do it well, and you are the next big name in the industry. A well-developed application can reduce your failure rate by a lot. Getting your hands on the right Gojek clone script (Coding with a lot of plugins) and the right Gojek clone will ease things up in the cost and design factors. Giving you time to think and implement innovative services to your clone. Right from providing your customers with Helicopter rides to ensuring that the appointment to a veterinarian is only a few clicks away. Gojek clones are quickly picking up the pace, and this means if you don’t move fast, you will be trampled on. Don’t want that? Remember the name AppDupe, and once you are done with reading this piece, check their site out you may be amazed. There’s still time to make it big. Not FOMO but you need to act now!

On-demand economy is growing and raking in profits from all sides. It offers myriad benefits and has the capability to change the traditional economy. Businesses such as Uber, Lyft have redefined the nuances of the on-demand field. As of now, the on-demand economy has reached the .293 Billion mark. This is estimated to grow in the coming days. Now we are going to see about Go-Jek, Uber’s rival in Indonesia and it has managed to achieve this feat in a short period of time. You should get yourself a Gojek Clone to provide the most varied services to your customers.


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