The Natural Way to Treat Allergies in Your Pets:

Posted by Allerpet on January 7th, 2019

A pet animal becomes a very important part of your life in very quick time. Your emotions and feelings get attached to your pet, so you would always want to keep your pet animal happy and healthy. But it is not very easy as they are prone to various allergies, and can get affected in very quick time. Two of the most common pet animals are dogs and cats, so we are mainly focusing on Allergies in Dogs and Cats.

Some Very Common Sources of Allergies:

Dust Mites:

If you are residing in a damp and humid area, there are very high chances that your pet can get an allergy from dust mites. These dust mites are commonly found in various parts of your home like mattresses, carpeting, and upholstered furniture. It is almost impossible to get rid of dust mites causing Allergies in Cats. These mites increase in number especially during rainy season when the dampness is on its high.

Molds, Insects. Yeasts, and Pollens:

Some very common macro and microorganisms also found responsible for evoking Allergies in Dogs as well as in Cats. Usually, airborne pollens settle to the floor, and your pet can get exposed to them while walking, playing, or rolling on the floor. There are some very common molds responsible for causing various allergies in animals. Various seasonal variations of molds can cause allergies, but molds surviving inside your home are the danger for your pet. Yeast and insects can get a stick on the fur of your cat or dog and are very much responsible for various Allergies in Cats and Dogs.

Oral Immunotherapy – The Best Option for All Types of Allergies:

The oral immunotherapy spray has been proved an excellent method to combat allergies in pets. Pet Care Solutions is a very well-determined and experienced team of allergists, dermatologists, and veterinarians. The approach to Treat Allergies in Dogs with oral immunotherapy spray is developed with detailed and prolonged research on various aspects of the health of pets and allergies associated with them.

How Oral Immunotherapy Works?

It is one of the easiest and friendly methods to combat Allergies in Cats and Dogs. The spray is specifically formulated for various regions keeping the geographical factor in mind. It is not painful or intolerable like most of the expensive and time-consuming injections for allergies. All you need to do is to apply the spray either on the side of the mouth or under the tongue.

Benefits and Safety:

Oral therapy using the allergy spray from Pet Cure Solutions isn’t only going to Treat Allergies in Dogs and Cats, it will also minimize all the respiratory and immune symptoms of your pet.

All the extracts used in the spray for the sublingual purpose are safe for your pet, and are crafted from a team of veterinarians, allergy experts and dermatologists in USDA approved laboratory. If you want to know more about Oral Immunotherapy and various aspects of Allergies in Dogs and cats, you can visit

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