Posted by Brandon Ross on January 8th, 2019

Have you heard about the best sliders hell’s kitchen? If you haven’t then you are not beer lover or someone who appreciates a delicious craft beer. The three monkey’s bar is a newly opened gem in hell’s kitchen that serves nothing but delicious craft beer midtown. Their delicious craft beer menu focuses on more than 30 beer drafts serving some of the best craft beers you can find in Hell’s kitchen, they have everything from the tasty international craft beers all the way to sought-after local craft beer. While you can enjoy the delicious craft beer they have an inspiring setting for enjoying a tasty craft beer with friends.

This spectacular bar has a tavern-vibe and an inspiring setting that makes it the perfect destination for enjoying a delicious craft beer or watching some of your favourite sport games, they have everything the brandishing TV screens to two well-equipped bars and a fascinating setting that is perfect for relaxing and grabbing your favourite craft beer. The craft beer menu has contemporary craft beers like the Guinness, rum and many more drinks. While you can grab your favourite craft beers you can also check the cuisine menu for some of the best cuisines and dishes. This craft beer bar near you brings authentic dishes like the mac and cheese, ceviche and many more delicious sliders you don’t want to miss!

While you can enjoy the tasty craft beer and delicious delicacies that is served at the three monkeys craft pub they also have some of the most entertaining sport games for you to watch, you can stop over for some of your favourite NFL games or watch some entertaining premier league matches while you grab a delicious delicacy or craft beer on the menu.

This spectacular hell’s kitchen pub is also has an outdoor patio where you can grab a delicious craft beer, so, in case you are looking to host that special event in midtown you can always come over to this spectacular destination and have the best occasion, with an outdoor patio and two interior bars you can be sure to have a memorable event at the New England Patriots pub.

If you are also looking to enjoy the best happy hours in midtown you can always come over to the three monkey’s pub this craft pub has some of the best craft beer for happy hours and delicious craft cocktails.

The three monkey’s pub is one of the best craft beer bars around and the bar opens on Mondays to Sundays by 11 am to 4 am and this pub serves nothing but delicious craft beer in midtown Manhattan, some tasty sliders and the best sports you can ever find in hell’s kitchen.

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