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Posted by MdImran on January 8th, 2019

The manufacturers of gutter guards tackle the problem of clogged gutters in several ways. A popular option is a screen or some type of mesh that you place over them. This idea works in principle. However, it doesn’t eliminate the need to clean them. You’ll still have to attend to the filter to make sure that a film doesn’t form over them and impedes water flow. There are also foam options that help completely block out debris while still promoting water flow. However, these tend to need to be replaced more often than others.

Other types of guards fit into the top of your downspouts and gutter and guard contractors in Connecticut. They are an affordable option if you live someplace where snow on your roof isn’t an issue. In either case, we strongly urge you to check the gauge of the mesh to make sure it will work for you.

Water and Air Flow

This criterion is probably the most critical factor to consider. It’s essential on several scores. Water that collects in your gutters creates the ideal environment for mosquitoes, flies, and other pests. If the mesh is too fine, water may not filter through the guard and flow over instead. That can lead to icicle and ice dam formation, which cause roof and home damage that lead to leaks, slips, and falls.

We recommend checking out the manufacturer’s guarantee and warranty before you buy. And don’t hesitate to return them if they aren’t doing the job as you expect. Remember that the purpose of gutter guards is to reduce your maintenance while avoiding the creation of a hazard.

Be sure to take a moment to review what’s involved with installation. Many products make it an easy task without the need for power equipment or tools. However, it can take more work with some items, requiring you to hire someone. Take that cost into account to avoid any nasty surprises, which is particularly crucial if you are on a fixed income. You’ll also need to consider your mobility and ability to use a ladder yourself. It isn’t necessary to try to install a gutter guard if you think it could be dangerous, and it’s best to take the cautious route and ask someone for help.We’d also suggest contacting your homeowners’ association if necessary. And if you’ve had a roof installed recently, make sure that the gutter guards don’t void your warranty. That is typically a problem if you need to slide something underneath the shingles or shakes. Many manufacturers will point out this information in their product descriptions.

Finally, bear in mind that these items will not replace regular maintenance but instead cut down the frequency. Some still require routine cleaning to ensure adequate water and air flow too. However, we find that task easier than removing leaves and less messy. A company like TLHOMEIMPROVE can take pride in using gutter guards from Leaf Relief which gives a 100% gutter protection from debris, leaves, droppings, snow, ice and other materials which can damage your gutter. Their Leaf Relief gutter guard system enables our customers to reduce the maintenance cost of their gutters. With an ability to get adjusted in the new gutter installation system; it is very convenient to use it on your gutters for better protection.

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