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Posted by Winnie Melda on January 8th, 2019

            There is no organization that is always started to underperform. At the same time, it always remains a challenge for the organization management to ensure that it initiates an environment that supports its employee performance.  Personally, I strongly support a functional environment where employees are aware of their responsibilities.  What I have observed is that there are some behaviors at the workplace which encourages poor performance. From my personal view, Culture, peer pressure and alcohol use stand as major hindrances of great performance in the workplace. In this paper, I am going to discuss questions; feedback staying focused on the specific topic is important.  This will be based on Dr. Mike McCann’s interview video of how culture, peer pressure, and alcohol affect performance at the workplace.

            In the interview, Dr. Mike McCann says the culture of a company affects workplace consumption of alcohol and drug.  He accepts that workplace culture motivates performance and that if a company has a negative organizational culture that permits alcohol and drug consumption, then there is a big problem. On whether such culture can lead to addition, Dr. McCann asserts that alcohol at workplace makes employees addicts.  Personally, I worked in a company where there were no regulations on alcohol consumption. Some staffs would sneak out during lunch at taking some bottles.  This led to low production which eventually led to the collapse of the company.  In his view, there is a way out to this problem.  He proposes improved staff productivity based on improved health and safety of the workforce as a measure to control this behavior. On whether small or large organizational are the ones that are greatly affected, Dr. McCann’s view is that larger organizations are more vulnerable to this problem as compared to small ones. He bases this on the fact that in small companies, the peer pressure can deals with an addiction problem. As an Occupational Health Physician and a director of Castle Craig rehab clinic, Dr. Mike McCann provides great advice to large companies on health as well as addiction issues. From my personal view, this interview is a good example for interview analysis from the fact that it addresses specific issues that face the workplace. This interview is also comprehensive and provides clear information to the issues raised by the interviewee. It is also a good example that can support my claim that culture, peer pressure, and alcohol affects workplace performance.  This interview relates to me personally because I have worked in organizations that are highly affected by alcoholism that is a result poor enforcement of workplace culture. I also interviewed the manager of Heineken Company, and he also confirmed that culture, peer pressure, and alcoholism are major problems in some companies.

            There are many bases as to why this is a good interview.  Stewart and Cash assert that good interviews have clear questions on the issue at hand (Stewart and Cash 2013). For instance, one of the questions is whether that workplace culture is “one of the main motivators of performance” in companies. An interview always has questions that demand answers.  This interview is a good one because it fulfills this.

             The second reason as to why this is a good interview is that it has feedback to the raised questions.  An interview cannot be an interview if answers are not provided to the questions.  When Dr. Mike McCann is asked on whether poor workplace culture leads to addiction among employees, he agrees that poor workplace culture can promote addition.

            Thirdly, a good interview ensures topic relevant questions are asked. The interview video has fulfilled this from the fact that all responses that are given by Dr. Mike McCann revolve around workplace Culture, Peer Pressure, and Alcohol Abuse.  His responses address.  Inability to use relevant questions to the interview topic makes the interview to lose focus.

             Personally, I see Dr. Mike McCann interview as a perfect way of discussing issues that affect the workplace.  This interview was well tailored to the topic to ensure that it addresses specific issues.   Personally, this interview has a direct relationship to communication where there are a message and feedback.  In this case, I can learn that good interviews must have right questions to the right people.  The same questions must always have rightful feedback that satisfies the interest of the interviewer.

            In sum, right interview questions, feedback and staying focused on the interview topic are important.  Right questions in an interview attract right responses, and right feedback enhances understanding. At the same time, staying focused on the interview topic is important in ensuring that the response constitutes only relevant information. The concepts used in this analysis are questions or message, feedback and interview topic.  In this case, the interview topic was Culture, Peer Pressure, and Alcohol Abuse. A good interview must have relevant questions, relevant feedback and must remain focused on the issue at hand.  This is important in ensuring that the interview meets the interest of the interviewer.


Stewart, C. J., & Cash, W. B., Jr. (2013). Interviewing: Principles and Practices (14th ed.). New   York, NY: McGraw-HIll.

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