Why do you need landlord insurance quotes?

Posted by Weber Insurance Corporation on January 8th, 2019

Landlord insurance quotes are policies for rental property owners. An insurance policy can save you from troubles like physical damage to the property, liability and loss of rent. While buying a home insurance policy is a matter of choice but lenders insist home buyers for buying policies.  

 If your rental property isn’t covered with insurance and you are looking for reasons to buy a policy then here’re the reasons.

1. Physical damage

 The first thing that will come to your mind regarding your property is physical damage by tenants or due to natural calamities. Whatever be the reason for property loss, you will get compensation.

2. Content

 This policy becomes necessary if your property is fully furnished and rented. In other words, you can’t leave your valuable belongings at the mercy of the tenants that can use the contents in a rough manner and damage the fittings. But you can insure the contents to get compensation for loss or damage with the help of landlord insurance quotes.

3. Liability cover

 What if you are held responsible for an accident that happened in your property? In this situation, you will have to fight the case in a court of law to prove your innocence. And if you are found guilty, you will have to pay a high price for the crime you never committed. It is better you get advance cover instead of risking your investment.

4. Rent loss

 If you want to use your second home as a rental property and use its rent to pay your home loan EMI then you must get it insured. Check the best landlord insurance quotes and buy a policy at earliest. In case your property remains unoccupied for a long time, you will lose rental and the loss of rent would harm your financial health in the long run.

5. Legal expenses

 Renting a home is a commercial activity because you would use law to force tenant to pay a certain amount as rent for a certain time. And if there emerges a dispute between you and the tenant, he can drag you in a court. But you can save the legal expenses with the help of a legal policy.

 6. Emergency cover

 Perhaps this is the biggest advantage of landlord insurance quotes. If in any case or circumstance your property requires emergency repair, you can furnish claim for the same and get compensation.

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