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How Do You Clean Metal Air Vents?

Posted by harvindersaer on January 8th, 2019

Nothing broadcasts cleaning is very difficult as cleaning the dust and dirt on the air conditioning and heat conditioning vents covers. The vents will not only call the attention to the no-dusting zones, but they also tell that you haven’t been changed the filters from a long time. However, dealing with this issue is a bit easy if you follow the cleaning rule. Maintain your vents on a regular basis to enjoy hassle-free cleaning. Here are the simple tips to keep your vents look great and even to reduce the allergen. These regular cleaning tips will increase the efficiency of the cooling and heating system of your house.


Change The filter

If you want to pick a standing date to change the vent filter it is best to fix first of every month because it will be easier for you to remember. If not write the date on the filter that you have changed and going to change. In that way, nothing will be left to presumption.

Clean the vents

When you start the vent register cleaning process turn off the heat or cooling system because when you are cleaning the dirty ceiling vents, the dirt will easily fall on the furniture. Cover your furniture that is below the vents by the sheet. Take appropriate precautions to protect the dust from falling into your eyes and hairs. Before you start the process vacuum the vents using the dust brush attachment or use the microfiber extendable duster. If both are not available use dry microfiber cloth to remove the dust from the vents.

Caution; do not use water or cleaners to clean the vent because they will smear the dust on the walls or ceilings. In this case, you will end up with a bigger mess.

Twice a year cleaning

Before you start the cleaning process turn off the heat or cooling system, first unscrew the screws of the smaller vent covers and remove them.  The vent covers are covered with full of dust on both the sides. Place the covers in the sink and open hot water add liquid soap and clean the covers with a microfiber cloth. Use an only small amount of dish wash liquid to clean the vents. Do not soak the covers for a long time and do not rub too hard because the paint could be removed off. The dirt accumulates on the vent covers depending upon the type of heat you have in your house. Sometimes the vents may be oily if you have installed the system in the kitchen or near the kitchen. Rub alcohol to cut the oil residue, rub gently to avoid damaging the paint layer. If your vents are bigger in size take them out or clean them in the bathtub. Just follow the above same directions.  Dry the covers completely before you install otherwise the particles will cling to the slats. Finally, wipe gently using the microfiber cloth to remove the water spots on the vent covers.


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