Why Working Professionals Should Choose ABBS School of Management Executive PGDM

Posted by vinodsainidelhi on January 8th, 2019

If you talk about the benefits of doing PGDM course, there are so many and while companies lay off people for cost cutting purposes, it is the candidates with higher qualification that remain where they are. In a recent survey it was discovered that while there was recession period faced by companies all over people decided to opt for PGDM programs to further their chances for getting employed.

The benefits of doing an Executive Program are bountiful. Firstly, it helps you build your confidence level as you face challenges every day in the classroom and beyond it. There are tasks which give you practical training lined up by professors to help you understand concepts, which in turn assure you about your solutions and problem solving skills.

Secondly, an Executive Program helps you with your managerial skills. Since you already have an idea about an organisation as a working professional, you would only need to enhance your managerial skills to attain responsibilities of higher designations. Lastly, a PGDM course aids you in getting placed with good firms so that you can get a good hike and higher promotions. And for all this, you need to first place yourself in a good college.

ABBS School of Management (a part of Samagra Shikshana Samithi Trust) has been in the field of education and research for the last 25 years. At School of Management, the main aim is to develop leaders and entrepreneurs who would be self-sufficient with the capabilities and attitudes that are most relevant to the needs of a new global world. The institution is committed to the vision and values and intend to make a positive impact on business and society.

Our Executive PGDM, designed for working professionals, is a way forward for budding entrepreneurs or even the seasoned ones who would like to understand current and prevalent practices for managing the entire business of a corporate. This specialization caters specifically to the needs and requirement of executives who would want to manage the operational activities and for people who want to learn how to manage their own business.

In a way, as they move up the corporate ladder, the Executive PGDM helps them to sharpen their business acumen and analytical skills.

The program focuses on preparing a genre of T-shaped professionals - persons with domain expertise coupled with appreciation for the broader perspective of the organizational goals along with leadership qualities. The participants will acquire a definitive edge over others as they master the skills to handle unprecedented business situations resulting from the growing complexities and dynamics of the corporate world.

Our Executive PGDM promotes an innovative approach, be it in a design sense or a creative way of thinking in all aspects of business, keeping in mind the demands of the industry. The intensive curriculum with specializations like Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology & General Management compressed in the short duration enables an impactful second stint of their career.

Choosing our Executive PGDM program is an important decision and should not be taken lightly.

The programme gives working professionals, if they are willing to stretch out a bit, to acquire the highest quality management education without stopping with their current work. It has been specially designed to calibrate two-way learning; therefore, while participating in the programme, the students can get plenty of opportunities to apply their conceptual insights obtained in the classroom to their respective workplace on a day-to-day basis.

The Executive PGDM at ABBS School of Management has been expertly curated with an eclectic mix of core courses, elective courses, and dissertations to promote a holistic approach to both practical and conceptual aspects of the management sectors. Further, the course structure and choice of inventive outlook pave way and create multiple opportunities for peer learning and application of knowledge to real-life business situations.

Our Executive PGDM curriculum is comprehensive and their methods of teaching are innovative, to say the least. There is a sense of a strong academic rigour, professional training and personal development into the program. With a focus on ethical awareness, coupled with creative thinking and an open view towards social entrepreneurship, the course is one of the best in the country.

Besides the traditional specialisations in Marketing, HRM and Finance, ABBS School of Management offers students the opportunity to build careers in new areas like Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship & Strategy, Supply Chain Management, International Business Management and Capital Markets. We also believe in developing and encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship and in providing incubation support to you if you wish to establish your own business. Whether you decide to be a job-seeker or a job-provider, you will find at, ABBS School of Management the right people, environment and support to chase your dreams.

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