5 Easy Ways To Get More Clients As A Graphic Designer in 2019

Posted by Geroge009 on January 9th, 2019

In this article I'm gonna describe you five easy ways to get more clients as a guide as I make a 5k yeah. I know a lot of you reading this may design and you may really enjoy designing like me and you want to turn that hobby into more of an income you wanted to start earning. Some more money off designing and the best way to do this is- of course gaining clients. However, there is a lot of different ways you can try and earn more clients.in this article, I'm gonna be going through the five best ways to earn some more clients whether you are a beginner designer and intermediate designer whatever it doesn't matter you will be able to gain some more clients after reading this article. I did a video on this topic ages ago however that was like two years ago so, I will be recycling some of these ideas and also introducing new one's. Hopefully, you do go on to enjoy so without further adieu let's get on with the first way to get more clients as a graphic designer.

First way to gain more clients is going to be using Instagram. Now, I know this may seem pretty simple but I barely ever uploaded my designs on to Instagram and I've literally only started doing it and I realize how good it is if you go ahead and actively post on your Instagram that's going to be reaching a different kind of audience so you're not just gonna be using Twitter and say like your portfolio you're gonna be able to branch out and attract some customers using Instagram however you don't just want to go ahead and post your design that's it because it's not really gonna reach anybody apart from at your current followers so what you want to do is you first of all want to include hashtags now hashtags. I know they are oversaturated but you need to include these at least. I'm going to say 5 around about 5 is a good amount because you don't want to of course spam at you're like you want you don't want to spam your caption with hoes and those attacks because that's just not gonna look professional at all so as I said, I recommend using around about 5 tags and you want to use non oversaturated tags so you want to try and find some tags that have. I'm gonna say from 500k to about a million posts on them you don't want anything big you don't want like a big hashtag like throwback Thursday or follow four followed don't use any of those because those are way too oversaturated and no one's gonna see your design as well as this though guys you also wanted to make sure that you are still using Twitter I've said this before but Twitter is number one the best social media to post designs on so as well as using Instagram make sure you post the same on Twitter.

Next  tip, I have is to use the Twitter search now. I recommend this mainly for beginner
designers. If you have a fair amount of following on Twitter don't do this because it looks really unprofessional but if you are beginner designer and you want to gain some clients then I definitely recommend you do this the only issue with this is that it does take a little bit of effort from you but if you want to gain some clients. I definitely recommend you do this so the way that the Twitter search works is when you're on the homepage of Twitter in the top right-hand corner you will see a search bar and you can go ahead and search keywords on there and it will showcase tweets that include those words or sentences whatever an example of a super popular one maybe need a design or need a graphic designer. When you search that you will see all of the most recent tweets if you change like the filter to the latest you will see the latest tweets from people on Twitter that say that they need a designer however. If you need full time jobs find bd jobs

I have listed of keywords that you can put in the Twitter search :


  • “Need a design”

  • “Need a designer”

  • “Need a graphic designer”

  • “Need a designer can pay”

  • “Need a gfx designer”

  • “Need a thumbnail”

  • “Need a youtube banner”

  • “Looking for a designer”

  • “I need a new banner”

  • “I need a new header”

  • “I need a new rebrand”

  • “I need a new revamp”

  • “Anyone know a designer”

  • “Need a cheap designer”

  • “Any designers about”

You can go ahead then find people you can reply to that we or just simply DM them that's the best way because you don't, of course, want to spam your followers with loads of like tweets and reply so maybe go ahead and DM the person and then you can go ahead and link them your portfolio from there telling your prices and you basically, gained a client.

So my third tip is going to be to create a variety of designs now by this. I mean not sticking to the same type of design you don't want to just limit yourself to just YouTube banners. Because when someone sees your work they like it but they won't say for example an album cover up and you have no examples of that on your portfolio or on your Twitter. Then it they may go ahead and go to another
person so in order to reduce this and gain the most amount of clients as possible you want to try and create a variety of different designs you want YouTube banners me logos album cover arts you want like avatars maybe even photography just vary the number of designs that you have on your website and also portfolio
personally done this recently. I branched out to album cover art side started
designing some of those because I find them really enjoyable to the design and
I actually made one for my favourite rapper T grizzly and I posted it on Instagram.
Which is using the first tip and he saw it I tagged him on it and he actually liked and also commented so I was really really happy with that he's my favorite rapper. I'm gonna sound like a fanboy here but I was just an example. I started creating a different type of design and it worked out for me. I also gained some clients as well because he liked it on Twitter and I started having people message me asking for album cover art so this is a really good way of course to create a variety of designs.


Number four we have to design for your favourite YouTubers and celebrities. I kind of spoke about this in the previous point but designing for YouTubers and celebrities is a really good way to first of all practice because a lot of the time you limit yourself. If you just do client work by doing designs for like YouTubers you can actually go ahead and make what you wish and then if they do go ahead and see it if you tag them on Twitter you tagged them on Instagram whatever and you start getting likes and replies on that tweet then they will eventually see it and then they may go ahead and use it first of all they may contact you for more work and also if they like they reply or they retweet their fans will go ahead and see that as well and you may gain some potential customers that way.

The fifth and final tip, I have is going to be a live streaming design on YouTube now this is a secret tip I have because I find YouTube a lot better than twitch for especially designers if you're a gamer then twitch is definitely better but for designers. I find YouTube so much better if you live stream graphic design whether it be creating a youtube banner or designing a logo if you go ahead and share that stream around enough people.
They will join also a lot of it goes on to the recommended on people YouTube pages if they are already subbed to certain people and new people will join your stream. I can guarantee that and you will be able to gain some clients that way.

A Small tip :


I have is to use the extension nightbot this is not sponsored but I definitely recommend you use nightbot. It's an automated bot and you can go ahead and like have it post your website or your portfolio or your Twitter and that will gain you some clients pick then they can go ahead and contact. You and also see your work.

Image Copyright and Credit : IconGr and Google image search console

If you have any more tips and want to help people out make sure to leave them in the comments down below.

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