The Secret of Black Magic

Posted by Antonyportas on January 9th, 2019

There are always one or two people who want me to teach them black magic. They want to learn the secrets of voodoo and get inside information about witchcraft. I only laugh at myself, because deep down I know that these people "cannot face the truth!" Only those who are enlightened understand the true magnitude of black magic.

People approach black magic as if it were a magic powder that can be packaged and packaged. They believe that there is some kind of formula that can be used and duplicated as a family recipe. Others believe they can turn black magic spells into small packaging bombs that people can buy and sell online.

There are people who say that magic is magic, this intention makes it good or bad. There are few people who can create spells as chemists, creating mixtures that are more lethal than the atomic bomb. These people are few. I could not imagine a world where everyone had this power. It would be complete and complete chaos. People would use black magic to avenge jealous types, fly wives and even kill their competitors for work. In short, people will use this power to satisfy their basic desires.

The Secret of Black Magic

The real secret of black magic is alchemy. It is a science, and like a chemist, it needs the right ingredients, measurements, time and knowledge to move from copper to gold. We can see it during the civil rights movement, when hundreds of people protested against racism and Jim Crow laws. Police brutality and bullying have always existed, but for the first time in history it was broadcast live.

People were surprised to see that people were so mistreated that they began to support the movement for change. These leaders took something incredibly bad, inhuman and gloomy and turned it into something good. They understood that people would suffer and even die. However, they continued to create their "magic" for the benefit of all humanity.

 Signs of black magic spell

  • Nightmares: being tormented by frequent nightmares is one of the first signs that a black magic spell is cast on you.
  • Presence: you constantly feel that there is someone closer, but you do not see anyone. However, its doors and windows can suddenly close without any possible reason, and he feels suffocated and anxious, apparently without a reason.
  • Money problems: your income decreases and suddenly you cannot pay your loans. Trying to make ends meet often becomes a test, as your finances have suddenly suffered.
  • Health - Your health also suffers from problems. Doctors cannot treat you correctly, because they cannot diagnose your condition, so it really feels very bad. There have been many deaths in extreme black magic.
  • Mental stability: you worry, you worry and succumb to disappointment, and you scream and fight with your loved ones. The inability to concentrate on one's work is one of the best signs of hidden misconduct.
  • Relationships: you lose all the people you love and look at them for no reason. Marriages, death and small disputes make you miserable in abundance.


This is a true power of magic, and that is why it is concentrated in the hands of a few, because the power of such a scale is granted only to those who consider themselves worthy to face it. When we become enlightened, we really begin to understand that there really is no black magic or white magic. In fact, we are talking about evolution and obtaining results that help raise a person's consciousness.

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