MTU 6R 926 C22 for sale

Posted by mtupartssuppliers on January 9th, 2019

MTU 6R 926 C22 for sale,As experienced specialists in agricultural engines, MTU provides reliable power for agricultural machines like tractors, forage harvesters, and combine harvesters as well as timber and forest harvesters. Our diesel engines ensure maximum performance in the field and the forest even under the most difficult conditions.

MTU 6R 926 C22 for sale with typical applications

Engine Model                      6R 926 C22
Bore/stroke      mm (in)          106/136 (4.2/5.4)     
Cylinder configuration            6 Cyl./In-line   
Displacement/cylinder l (cu in)   1.20 (73)
Displacement/total    l (cu in)   7.2 (439)
Fuel specification*               EN 590, Grade No.1-D/2-D
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm (in)        1087 x 681 x 956 (43 x 27 x 38)   
Rated Power ICFN (kW)             175
Rated Power ICFN (bhp)            235
Rated Power ICFN (rpm)            2200
Peak Torque (Nm)                  850
Peak Torque (lb-ft)               627
Peak Torque (rpm)                 1200-1600

MTU 6R 926 C22 for sale with Standard Equipment
Starting system           Electrical starter 24 V, Alternator 28 V/80 A
Fuel system               High pressure fuel injection with solenoid-valve controlled unit injection pumps and multijet fuel injectors, Fuel filter
Lube Oil System           Oil filter
Air System                Turbo charging with charge-air cooling
Exhaust Gas System        Tree valves per cylinder
Coolant System            Water-charge-air cooling
Flywheel/Housing          SAE 1/SAE 2
Engine Mounting           Resilient
Electronics and Instrumentation  Electronic engine management
SCR Aftertreatment System   Engine mounted SCR components with urea dosing unit, urea injection nozzle and heating valve, vehicle mounted SCR components with SCR catalyst including muffler, urea supply unit and SCR control unit

MTU 6R 926 C22 for sale
MTU 6R 926 C22 for sale, Each is engineered to deliver operational flexibility and dependability that can be trusted around the world. These engines’ industry-leading safety features and unbeatable durability have made them one of the most successful engines in the world. Pls send your inquiry details of engines and parts to Official mailbox : , we will offer soon after I got your inquiry.

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