Characteristics of Luxury Hotels and the Importance of their Location

Posted by Roseatehouse on January 9th, 2019

Prominent luxury hotels are much more than just buildings where travelers can seek accommodation while visiting an unknown city.  In fact, many of these luxury properties are even held in high regard as key landmarks and attractions of various cities. Luxury hotels strive to provide their guests a host of conveniences and lavish amenities, so that they cherish the memories of their comfortable stay for many years to come.  Here are two key characteristics of luxury hotels:

  • Designing: Both the architecture and the interior décor of a luxury hotel is upscale, often providing a beautiful amalgamation of chic elegance and traditional detailing. Some of the best luxury hotels of the country feature spectacular Afghani styled verandahs that provide a reflection of the royal heritage of the nation. To provide their guests with a unique regal experience these hotels even have high dome ceilings, Isfahan pillars and bronze 'jaali' work. The rooms of these hotels are additionally decorated with sophisticated linen and artistic interiors.
  • Service: Custom and personalized services are a hallmark of luxury hotels. The staff of these hotels is extremely well qualified and trained, and hence can cater to the demands of the guests with highest efficiency.
Importance of location for a luxury hotel
In addition to the facilities and amenities offered by it, the location of a hotel plays a major role in defining its desirability. And, here are some factors people should take into account while booking their stay at a luxury hotel, based on its location:
  • For the benefit of the outstation guests, a luxury hotel should ideally be located at a close proximity to the city airport and train station. For example, by choosing to stay at a luxury accommodation near Delhi Airport, guests can enjoy the benefit of arriving at the hotel swiftly after landing in the city and get some much needed rest.  Also, by choosing to stay in a luxury hotel near the airport, guests would never have to leave for the airport or train station way before time. They would not have to rush so as to not miss the flight or train due to delays caused as a result of congestion on the roads.
  • It is imperative that a luxury hotel enjoys has excellent connectivity to the important landmarks of a city, and even its neighboring regions.  These hotels should ideally be located near to the heart of a city, and be well connected by both roads and highways. This factor would also ensure that the tourists staying at the hotel do not face any problems in visiting the major destinations across the city. Luxury hotels should also be located at a serene and tranquil neighborhood, where the guests can get the opportunity to relax away from the hustle and bustle of city life.
These luxury hotels are well integrated with most popular OTAs and travellers can always browse through various travel sites to find the best deals and book their accommodation in hotels in strategic locations, like those near the Delhi Airport.

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