Cancer Screenings Everyone Should Get

Posted by pacificmedical on January 9th, 2019

Cancer is the second leading cause of deaths in the world. Fortunately, early detection and treatment dramatically increases the chances of surviving cancer.

The best strategy to prevent cancer is to get cancer screenings at the right time. Apart from saving your life, cancer screenings can also get you treatment faster as well as reduce unnecessary expenses on healthcare. Cancer treatment during early stages costs considerably lesser than in advanced stages.

Here are the most common types of cancer screenings available and when you should get them.

Breast Cancer

Women, aged 40 years and older, should get a mammogram every year. However, your primary care doctor or internal medicine doctor may recommend a screening, depending upon factors, such as family history.

Colorectal Cancer

People, aged 45 years and older, may be recommended a colorectal cancer screening, based on risk. Screening for colorectal cancer is typically done with a colonoscopy. Depending on the results of the screening, some people may need to get screened more frequently. Your doctor can evaluate your risk and determine the best screening method and frequency.

Cervical Cancer

The following groups of women should or shouldn’t get a cervical cancer screening –

  • Women ages 21-29 years should have a Pap test done every 3 years.
  • Women ages 30-65 years should have a Pap test and an HPV test every 5 years.
  • Women over 65 years who had regular testing over the past 10 years with normal results do not need to be tested.
  • Women who had their uterus and cervix removed for reasons not related to cervical cancer do not need to be tested.

You should know that a Pap test only screens for cervical cancer and does not screen for uterine cancer.

Uterine Cancer

Women should get screened for uterine cancer around the time of menopause. While there is no specific uterine cancer screening test, women with certain symptoms may require diagnostic testing, involving a biopsy.

Lung Cancer

Anyone can get screened for lung cancer but those who currently smoke or have quit within the past 15 years should get a lung cancer screening annually. Consult your doctor to check whether you need one.

Prostate Cancer

Men above 50 years of age are screened for prostate cancer. If you are African American or have a father or brother who had prostate cancer before age 65, you should consult your doctor about prostate cancer screening at 45 years of age.

You are responsible for your health. Be aware of your body and talk to your doctor if you find something unusual or have known risk factors, such as family history.

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