Why your employee id card is your biggest asset?

Posted by Printstop on January 9th, 2019

Every Professional organization provides all its staff with employee id cards. This is to create an identity to an association of the employee with the company. Yet some employees grumble about having to wear this id cards. But they do not realize that this employee id card is their biggest asset. How so? Take a look.

Reasons why your employee id card is your biggest asset

Your employee id card is your biggest asset as it gives

1. A corporate identity

Your employee id card identifies you as a valid member of a reputable business organization. It thus offers you a legitimacy based on your professional worth.  When you enter a company wearing this id card, one look at your Company name on the card and you are treated more cordially. This is because the employee id card identifies you with an organization of professional standing and integrity.

2. Respect and trust

As you enter another organization wearing your company's id card, you are accorded special respect and privileges. This is because the employee id card is genuine proof that you are a member of the esteemed organization and hence can be trusted.

3. More credibility

Marketing executives must compulsorily wear their employee id cards. This is because what they say while wearing their id cards has more bearing and weight than without it. This is because organizations believe that a legitimate member of a corporate enterprise will not commit any wrongdoing.

4. Professional association

In corporate events, meetings and seminars where executives from different locations gather, it is easy to find professional colleagues and friends if you are wearing your employee id card. One look at your card saying you are from Marketing gives the other person to start talking on common topics.

 5. Introduction

For shy and diffident executives, their employee id card is their best friend. Yes, this id card comes handy as a means of introduction in talking to fellow colleagues.

6. Your contact details in case of emergency

God forbid but if you are caught in a tricky situation like a mistaken identity, your employee id card is the sole proof of your innocence.  Similarly, in case of an accident, your id card furnishes your contact details to get in touch with your kith and kin.

7.  Special privileges

Your employee id card can help you avail special privileges entitled to you as an employee of the company at seminars or events. Free lunches, coupons, passes etc can be availed using your id card.

8. Cashless payment

Certain big corporations have incorporated a "cashless payment facility" to be used for payments at restaurants and counters within their premises. Employees are asked to load money in the card and go cashless on the premises.

9. Amenities

Some organizations offer amenities for employees like transportation, Wi-Fi, free cafeteria or gym usage. This requires validation using their employee id cards.

10. Loyalty benefits and coupons

Companies offer loyalty benefits to customers like meal passes, shopping coupons etc. These can be availed by the employees only if they show their employee id card.

11. Attendance record

Your employee id card is the proof of your attendance, punctuality and presence in the organization as without it, you cannot enter or leave the office premises.

Employees and companies must realize the full benefits of using id cards and use them to their best benefit. Print employee id cards of peerless quality from a trusted provider for superior results.


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