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Posted by JulioLicinio on January 9th, 2019

Whenever there comes to talk about obesity and depression then the name of Dr. Julio Licinio comes in everyone’s mind due to his deep and popular research in the field. He has the mission of keeping everyone sound, fine and especially out of the state of depression. It is one of the major issues that is faced by everyone in some or the other stage of life. These studies have tremendously helped a lot of doctors, working people, parents and especially students. He is the person who has not only addressed about these daily issues but also has explained them widely by going deep into the topic. Other than this Dr. Julio Licinio also made a pact to share his research in front of the whole world. He is truly an inspiration for those who want to be doctors as well as professors in the coming future.

Popular and researched fields of Julio Licinio

In recent times, Julio Licinio who is an MD, Ph.D., and currently Senior Vice President for the academic and health affairs as well as an executive dean and also a professor in the State University of New York Upstate Medical University. His expertise fields are  pharmacogenomics as well as the biology of depression. A lot of books are published and edited on these topics by him. His research about the antidepressants as well as the strategies of removing depression is much popular all over the world. Even professors of different countries refer to his research as a kind of subject notes. Earlier Julio Licinio was an assistant professor of psychiatry in Yale University. He has published over 240 papers indexed in the Pubmed as well as 12 books which are totally inspirational fact. He is widely known for the research of leptin and its role in conveying about satiety.

Teachings that Julio Licinio has given

His life journey seems like a huge learning experience due to his immense scientific research and with all this, he has made a great name in the medical field. He has made his overall life a truly amazing and inspiring experience. He has tried to learn from everything whatever he has seen in nature and learned from every topic which was around him and has treated a lot of patients. Now also even after addressing all the studies and researches he has done he is still searching for that.

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