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Posted by Digital Marketeer on January 10th, 2019

Bohemia that is a part of Czech Republic now had an important role in the memoir of costume jewelry. It was in the glass center of Gablonz at the turning end of the Victorian Era that well known Austrian jeweler Daniel Swarovski put forth the cut-glass crystals to imitate the appearance of emeralds, sapphires, rubies and diamonds.

In the year 1892, Swarovski took a step further and patented a mechanical glass cutter so that his crystals could be mass produced and cater to the high demand of market. Bohemian costume jewelers also discovered a technique that replicated the looks of pearls. The technique was immensely popular at the start of 20th century. In place of using glass, jewelry makers used to cut mother of pearls into beads, for framing out beautiful jewelry with a difference. These beads were then polished and shaped till they begin to look like the real jewelry pieces.

Czech Victorian jewelry pieces are marked by heavier rectangular brooches that were crammed to the corners with rhinestones in ruby red, rhinestones in the emerald green, amethyst purple and sapphire blue. These jewelry pieces have become a highly collectible niche in the antiques and collectibles in the world. 

Eisenberg is a company which is known for producing stunningly beautiful jewelry pieces. The company came into being as an apparel company in 1914. Then somewhere in 1930s they manufactured and began to market the antique jewelry pieces also. There earliest pieces were marketed and promoted as Eisenberg Original” and later on they began to known as “Eisenberg ice.” The company still makes jewelry pieces today but the older jewelry pieces were antique and used as collectible. It was in the year 1940’s that Eisenberg used sterling silver in their collectibles. Eisenberg Rhinestone Earrings is pretty popular among the masses.


Also pronounced as ho-bee, Hobe is a name synonymous with the finest quality costume jewelry pieces since 1930’s. They began to make jewelry in France in the late 19th century then William founded this company. This type of jewelry pieces is characterized by its finest possible quality and state-of art craftsmanship. The Hollywood stars used to wear this vintage jewelry. Hobe still produces jewelry pieces.

The vintage jewelry collection look amazingly beautiful and something you would proud to flaunt. Get hold of these jewelry pieces and become a center of attraction in the parties and other special occasions. Love of women towards beautiful jewelry pieces is not new. From years, they are fond of collecting jewelry which can adorn them well. Vintage jewelry collection is just superb and can make them look immensely beautiful. Selro Necklace, for instance is one of the most expensive and rarest vintage jewelry pieces that ladies are fond of.

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