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Posted by Oyez on January 10th, 2019

Home Automation Solutions

Home Automation makes the operations of various home appliances more conveniently and efficient way. It connects all the electrical and electronic devices of the home through wireless communications. This system mainly works by using various sensors to sense temperature, light, motion and other signals and transmits them to one main device controlling the entire system. The controllers can be personal computers, laptops or tablets that receive information from the devices and control the actuators.

The Actuators are final controlling devices such as final switches, motors etc which are used to control the home appliances. The type of home automation system depends upon whether its wired or wireless.

Types of Home Automation systems:-

         I.            Power Line Home Automation system- It doesn’t require additional wires for transfer of data. Instead it uses the house’s power lines for the process. However the process is very complex and requires additional devices.

       II.            Wired Home Automation System- In this all the home appliances are connected to the main controller using wires. All the appliances have actuators that help to communicate with the main controller.

    III.            Wireless Home Automation system- This is the most advanced automation technique which is used to achieve remote operation using wireless technologies like Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM etc.

Methods of Wireless Home automation techniques:-

       i.            WiFi- Its very fast and simple to set up even without setting up a Hub as the information comes straightly from the WiFi router to the devices. But there is a limit to the number of devices you can connect through WiFi.

     ii.            Z-Wave and Zigbee- These are the most popular wireless technologies that use radio frequencies to communicate between devices. These technologies are used by a number of companies. And all the Z-wave devices or Zigbee devices can work with each other regardless of the brand. This also doesn’t require the setting up of a Hub.

  iii.            Insteon- Insteon requires Power Houses and radio frequencies to communicate and transmit signals. Insteon hub is required if you’d like to control the Insteon devices through smart phones or voice control or preset schedules. Insteon integrates with Alexa, Google assistant and Cortana.

The Home automation can provide safety and security for your homes by keeping an eye on every single device and its action and whenever it detects a fault it can send you notification even in a remote monitor.

Examples of some of the top companies providing home Automation services in India include Avea. It’s an IOT(Internet Of Things) based automation company. Avea provides a wide range of products from smoke sensors, electronic lockers to spybulb camera. Many devices that are used for home automation technique include Alexa or Echo.

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