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Posted by Gauri Satpute on January 10th, 2019

The young couples often look out for useful tips on the magazines or internet, so that they can prove themselves to be good parents to their kids. They often find it very hard to manage time for their children, which may be more challenging due to their hectic schedules at working places and at homes.

The people busy in their professional worlds often find it too tough to give enough attention to their growing children. However, it is obvious that proper care of their children is as essential as the accomplishment of their official tasks. This lack of time may result in the deterioration of their relations with their kids. So the parents need to know how to manage some time for spending with their children, to satisfy their longing for the company of their parents.

Few good parenting tips for spending quality time with kids

• The parents should take out some time to play with their children, just with the same fun-filled spirit that the kids find in playing with others of their same age. However, the children should be given the freehand to choose the types of games that they enjoy the most.
• The habit of reading bedtime stories together is one of the good parenting tips that bring the parents emotionally closer to their kids. The parents can read good children’s stories or poems even to their infants, who love to cuddle up and listen to their parents’ voices. This way, the children also develop a liking towards reading books, which remains throughout their life.
• It is wise for the parents to schedule a fixed time for spending with their children, doing some special activities according to the choice of the kids. This time may be as short as only 15 minutes, but will remain in the memory of the children forever.
• The parents should offer to help the school-going children with their studies. In this way, the parents can know about the academic progress and the talents of their children. The kids are also more encouraged due to this involvement of their parents in their regular school activities. It is seen that the constant supports of the parents make the children emotionally stronger and even enhance their cognitive powers.
• The children may accompany their parents to the family functions, which will boost their socializing capabilities. Moreover, the kids enjoy participating in various rituals that are highly entertaining for them.

All these above-mentioned techniques adopted for the children are considered as good parenting guidelines, which strengthen their bonding with their parents to last for lifetime.

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