The 3 Most Amazing Hip-Hop Dance Styles

Posted by Mainstage Center for the Arts on January 11th, 2019

Although interest, passion, and patience are all very important, if you want to learn a dance style and excel at, professional training is the best way to go. Indeed there are a lot of dance tutorial videos available on video streaming sites like YouTube, however, they cannot help you achieve what face to face learning can. So if it’s for yourself or planning to send your kids to a hip hop dance studio in NJ, this is a great opportunity for them to become good dancers one day. Apart from this, dancing also helps your kids attain better physical and mental health.

Why hip hop?

There are so many other dance forms as well that you can teach your kids such as Ballet, Tap dancing, Jazz/Funk, Break dancing, Modern/Contemporary, Lyrical, Calisthenics, World dance, etc. But, why hip hop? Hip hop has a prolonged history and is quite popular among people, especially youngsters. Hip-hop is one of those rare dance forms which let you express yourself fully and do anything you want to do with your body. In this article, you will get to know some of the best hip-hop styles ever created. They are as follows:-

  • Krumping - Krumping is a dance form that is gaining tremendous popularity in the hip-hop and electronica genre. The style represents energy and freedom. The four basic krumping moves include jab, arm swing, chest pop, and stomp. As this dance style is very expressive and improvisational, it is widely popular among younger performers.
  • Robotic - How would a robot look like if it starts dancing? That’s the whole idea behind robotic dancing. In recent times, a lot of dance enthusiasts have chosen robotics as their primary dance style. In this style, a dancer acts like a robot and does stiff arm and head movements. Robotics is quite similar to popping.
  • Liquid - As the name of the dance form itself suggests, in this hip-hop dance style, a performer showcases their smooth, ‘liquid-ish’ hand movements in order to create illusions using fingers. The form is also popular because it allows dancers to narrate a story and present music with a visual representation. Dancers use their bodies to communicate feelings and interpretative gestures.

Sending kids to dance schools is a great idea because kids are better learners. You can think of the dance classes as a foundation where they can start their journey of becoming a successful dancer.

So, what’s the wait for? Send your inquiry to a reputable dance studio in NJ today and enroll your kids for hip hop dance lessons!

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