Five Reasons why you Should not Separate Content and SEO Optimization

Posted by evanmurray on January 11th, 2019

Content marketing and SEO are still packed in two different packages today. A big mistake, because content marketing benefits from SEO and vice versa. In this blog, we will clarify why content and SEO belong together.

Content Marketing and SEO - the underrated dream team

For many years, the importance of SEO optimizations has been placed  on the importance of content until the topic of content marketing has gained momentum again. Meanwhile, online marketing managers know better, namely that SEO without good content marketing does not do much good and at the same time content can be optimized and enriched by SEO. But in reality it is still the case that there are often doubts left.

"Therefore, the following five reasons to emphasize the collaboration between SEO and content.

Five good reasons to use SEO content synergies

1. Content is King

As SEO became a building block of online marketing, many agencies have only designed website content for keywords (keyword stuffing). The benefit or the statement of the content became secondary. However, it is important to Google that the website provides relevant information for the users, which is why  good content is central  and can lead to good positions with targeted SEO optimizations. You can say that SEO beauty is content.

2. SEO promotes visibility

Of course, SEO also offers great advantages for the content. Because without SEO optimizations, the good content alone will hardly manage to reach the best positions in the search results and is also harder to find. True to the motto, what good content brings, if no one finds it!

3. Extend through content retention time

Content is there for the user. Why the content should always have an added value. If the user finds the content relevant to him, he or she stays on the website for much longer. Which in turn has a positive effect on the ranking of a website.

4. Google loves fresh information

Since the optimization of the freshness factor plays an important role in SEO optimizations, content marketing is the ideal solution to regularly get fresh content on the website. A website should live, but blogs or news pages are ideal.

5. Content Marketing promotes links

Internal links are still essential for the best possible SEO optimization. Therefore, for example, a blog that is regularly supplied with content is perfectly suited to provide your website with additional internal links.

SEO optimization & content complement each other wonderfully or as Michael Schifflhuber of Content Garden put it so beautifully in his blog post: "SEO is neither a pure instrument of content marketing, nor can good content tear down trees alone. It is much more the interplay of different measures that ultimately bring a recipe for success.

But a fact can hardly be described, both content and SEO are expensive marketing measures, which is why it is best   to engage a great agency.

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