10 Reasons to get Hair Transplants

Posted by Owais Khan on January 11th, 2019

At first thought, most men are a little hesitant when thinking about getting hair transplants. Reaching that age where you start to lose hair isn't always very exciting. But you aren't alone! At some point, every man goes thru this stage, and this is nothing to be self-conscious about. While many men don't even want to think about getting hair transplants, others are more open to it and these are the top 10 reasons why:

1. It is safe! This process has absolutely no risks. Unlike other cosmetic procedures, you are not completely subconscious during the process. A little sedation is just enough to last through the whole treatment.

2. Recovery is quick. Older techniques of this procedure left marks on the top of the head. But today's more sophisticated technique does not leave any marks making it safer and more convenient. Patient's are released Robotic Hair Transplant Machine immediately after surgery and may go back to work and regular routines in the morning.

3. It is a pain free procedure. Hair transplant surgery is not painful at all. Doctors use really small sharp needles to perform the job, therefore mild sedation will do to prevent any pain.

4. No side effects. Certain hair loss drugs cause side effects, but luckily this process does not. The transplants are safe and will not cause harm to the body or areas.

5. Natural looking hair. After hair transplants, the hair that grows is natural and is to be treated like natural hair. This means you can wash, dry, and clean it without worrying about it falling out in clumps.

6. It is affordable. Advancements in technology have allowed this process to become much more affordable. The new robot systems used have further reduced the costs of the surgery.

7. No more harmful medications. Following this procedure, you no longer have to worry about taking harmful hair loss drugs. Several common drugs have been found to cause some serious side effects including prostate cancer and sexual dysfunction. After your surgery, you no longer have to worry about do harm to yourself.

8. Can help you land a job. In our job market, it is undoubtedly true that the competition is pretty tough. Therefore, sometimes appearance is key for success. Studies show that companies may hire an individual that looks smart and young, meaning a full wild hair is preferred over a bald unhealthy looking male.

9. Permanent results. This process is completely natural and does yield permanent results. The hair that grows back for the rest of your life is natural. In case your patient develops hairloss in an area that was not treated, he may need to return for more transplants in those areas.

10. More confidence. It's quite common for men to feel self-conscious and self-conscious of losing hair, particularly when it starts in their mid 20s. Hair transplants have the ability to give men the confidence they need and deserve.

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