Protection of Network Switch threatened by hostile environment

Posted by surgeprotection on January 12th, 2019

Your network switch seeks for an effective defense from overvoltage transients and ground loop surges. There occur numerous electric faults that paves their path into equipments via various sources. Data network is the nerve to each and every equipments and systems in our facility and businesses. Automation systems work majorly on data connectivity.

Data and power lines protectors are perfectly designed to deal with electrical faults that are detrimental to data and communication systems. A power surge can damage every electronic/ electrical device. With the ever growing need for networking, it is required to make this secured.Surges should be suppressed before its reaches any of the critical equipment.Protection modules/ capsules are can be either connected in parallel or in series with the load. Setting up of LAN, you might need to utilize hundreds and thousands of lengthy cables running throughout your building. Each of those cables are vulnerable to transients that can damage your database servers and communication ports.

Surges basically are those electrical faults that stay in your equipment not more than few second. They are never detected by the connected fuses or simple circuit breakers. They are capable of breaking in through these devices. Sources of faults are direct lighting strikes and indirect switching events. In most of the case, surges are generated internally as a result of frequent switching activity or power overloading. As we know, current looks for low resistant path to reach the ground and at times this low resistant path happens to be communication lines. Connecting a surge protection device can clamp the over voltage to the prescribed level that the device is designed to operate on. Surge protection module can protect hubs, modems, routers, ports and other such LAN equipments that are sensitive to electric faults.

Surge protection devices should be chosen appropriately before buying one of them. They are designed for every specific application. For Data and communication systems, network switch surge protector with different port configuration and of appropriate voltage and current rating are installed in parallel to the load. It will definitely work on the life of the system and ensure the proper working of the system.

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