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Chemistry Puns: How It Helps Teach Chemistry

Posted by Singh91 on January 14th, 2019

Teaching chemistry is a tough task. Not all teachers are able to teach this subject in a way that is easily understood by their students. As teacher, you should learn a better way to teaching. In general, adding chemistry puns and jokes while teaching can help you serve this purpose.

In this article, we are discussing several methods of teaching chemistry and how your students can learn Chemistry better and more effectively. Let’s have a look.


Oral presentations to large groups of passive students can lead to real learning. But, it’s important to know that standard lectures do not help many students develop conceptual understanding of fundamental processes in electricity and in machines. It’s advisable to give live examples and add chemistry puns and jokes the classroom to attract students attention and draw them to learn the lesson.

Chemistry Puns

Adding chemistry puns to your teaching style is a fun method. This not only helps learners understand subject matters, but also keeps them energetic and active to learn new things in the class. So, you can add puns, jokes related to chemistry. There are many online websites that create new puns for both teachers and students. Search for such sites, apply those puns to your teaching style and see the benefits. Besides, also remember to add funny images along with Chemistry puns for more interesting and drawing students’ attention towards the subject.

Examples of Puns:

  1. Do you know whether oxygen went for a second date with potassium?

        How do you think it might go?

        Simple, it went OK2!

  1. While along with my friend, I asked him in a very jolly mood if he had any Sodium Hypobromite.

       He replied in the same gesture ‘NaBro.’

  1. If some asked you what the chemical formula for "banana" is?

       What will be your answer?

       It’s very simple: BaNa2

So, these are some of the great examples of Chemistry puns. Such puns are available online. When you use them while teaching, this will make the subject easy to learn for students. They won’t get bored and bung your class.

So, from today itself, start a planning for adding a new way of teaching Chemistry. If you are worried because students are not interested in joining your class, then teach them the way they want. Being strict and punching them is not a solution. Humor and jokes are the most effective tools you can use to teach Chemistry.

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