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Gloria Jimenez’s essay, “Against the Odds, and Against the Common Good,” evaluates the debates concerning the state-run lotteries and indicates that state representatives who mind the welfare of citizens should not pass bills for urging citizens to gamble. According to her, the modern day’s society of state-run lotteries has become a common establishment since the majority of these games are in our country. In writing this essay, Jimenez uses a persuasive tone to enable readers to follow her main argument that states should not legalize lotteries. She persuasively urges that “ still when all has been said and done  concerning  lottery games  accumulating  a vast amount of dollars  from the lives of many people into the hands of a few, then states should  not be in the business of encouraging people to gamble (Jiménez 116).”

 She arguably uses logical reasoning in her language style to make it simple for readers to understand her point of view. For instance, she says that states should not promote anything that may cause harm to the citizen.  She then goes on to indicate that, “gambling harms citizens.” She concludes, “So states should not promote gambling.”  It is a logical argument that persuades readers to support her point of view. She opposes arguments that individuals who support lotteries such as lottery funds help in paying education, lotteries create jobs, the government is in support of honest lottery, people participate willingly, and without lotteries, taxes will go up.

Having mentioned the opposed arguments she provides rebuttals to her arguments indicating that it is the poor who buy these tickets in disproportionate number, states should not deceptively tempt citizens with easy money and taxes would not be necessarily raised. Thus Jimenez language is one that enlightens us of the negatives and misconceptions we have about lotteries. She uses a persuasive tone to convince readers that state should not urge citizens to participate in lotteries and instead ban them for causing harm to citizens especially the poor people in the society.

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