2018?s Top Mobile App Development Trends in Canada

Posted by Fluper on January 15th, 2019

Mobile technology has not spared even the remotest corners of the world. Sooner or later, each and every inhabitant of the world gain access to the latest technologies courtesy the expansion of internet and smartphones, barring a few unfortunate ones. Mobile application development sector has always been under the influence of the cycles of change. Science and technology have a general affinity to change and they keep churning to bring new and existing trends in systematic cycles, very similar to what the Modern Fashion experiences. Therefore, the mobile app developers in canada have quite a difficult task to accomplish to design applications that feature the latest trends intact.

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The term ‘trend’ refers to the movement, general tendency, drift or shift towards new things, replacing the existing ones but repeat them in cycles. When we say, ‘this is trending’, we mean that it is gaining popularity for the time being. Application development market is highly competitive serving an extremely tech-savvy generation who are well-adept with the changes and expect to enjoy the same if available in the application. So, when a developer decides on designing an application, understanding the modern trends in mobile applications is essential.

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If you are dwelling in New York, Canada or Australia, mobile app trends are all the same. But they need to be listed here for the readers.

Instant and Micro-Apps

Lack of space in the era surrounded by trillions of mobile applications is gradually turning into a major crisis faced by most of the smartphone users. Therefore, the advent of instant and micro applications has become the choicest ones to serve their purpose without wasting phone space for unnecessary installations.

Blockchain and Big Data

The technology that was initiated to facilitate bitcoins and other cryptocurrency transactions have displayed more scope for improvement for the other sectors as well. It offers a secured platform to record and save data as well as conduct the monetary transaction without any breach of security as such. Especially, when big data is gaining more dependency on enterprises, developing information-rich and data-driven decisions become crucial to the business in concern.

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Smart Apps and Artificial Intelligence

Who did not hear about Artificial Intelligence lately? The trend is but towards smart apps which are artificially intelligent to capture the mood of the user and function accordingly without even waiting for the user command.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

The much talked about technological finds of the century, Augmented and Virtual Reality has altered the way we imagine our world. Such technologies have proved to quite helping in seeking out new applications that can actually revolutionize the different sectors for which they have been specially molded. Apart from designing games apps such as Pokemon Go, they have other applications too covering different genres.

Security and Cloud Computing

A security breach is of utmost concern for most mobile app developers since modern smartphone applications save ocean data and confidential information, a breach of which can result in irrevocable losses incurred by the parties in concern. The hackers are stronger and more knowledgeable these days and any amount of stringent measures fails to bar them from unauthorized encroachment.

Also, the lack of space in personal handset contributes further to the users’ dilemma of which app to keep on the phone and which one to discard. Cloud computing is the only solution for the absence of secured data storage issues faced by most of the users.

Accelerated Mobile Application Pages

Modern smartphone users are blessed with minimal patience to even wait a couple of seconds for the pages to load on their smartphones. Therefore, AMP or accelerated mobile pages is a feature that makes the high-performing web and mobile app pages load faster that, in turn, arrest the increased bounce rates, thereby, retaining visitors for a longer duration.

mCommerce Apps and Location-based Services

More enterprises have come down to the realization that smartphone applications can ultimately offer them the much-needed help to enhance their business services. Now they prefer to own a location-based application customizable accordingly to satisfy their customers as well as slim down the excessively complex business network.

Wearables and smart wears

Wearable technology cannot be ignored since short and crisp yet smart is the trend. When there is a smartwatch tied to the wrist smart enough to perform the basic tasks of the smartphone, users will prefer purchasing them to stay-in-touch with callers or locate a particular destination without the need or compulsion to handle the mobile phone while driving or traveling. Also, tracking calorie counts while exercising from easily makes them so popular amongst the younger generation.

Wrapping Up

As mentioned earlier, market trends are normally uniform irrespective of the areas covered. Even if, a person is coming from two opposite corners of the world, the trends featuring will be the same with minor differences. Some factors may exert a stronger influence in the market while few others will have negligible influence but will be present, specific to the demand dominating the said market. Top mobile application development companies like Fluper has managed to maintain a strong grip on the market for the simple reason that the team of developers working under them has strong knowledge on the market and the changing trends that influence a buyer’s preference.

So, one need to be aware of these changes to stay ahead of the market competition and then only the application thus developed will successfully attain the objective for which it was built initially. Fluper and other application developers are aware of this fact and that is why they continue to successfully serve their clients with apps designed on latest technology incorporating modern features.

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