Some Tricks Which Will Definitely Improve Your English Pronunciation

Posted by Suruchi Pandey on January 15th, 2019

Getting a good command over English speaking skills can be a captivating and pleasing though, which offers you a new and different perception to view the world, moreover, opens doors to many new opportunities.

However, just like gaining anything else, commanding English speaking skills is not duck soup. It does come with its own set of challenges!

Not being as easy as basic ABC, English speaking requires that learners not only understand when, why, and in what ways to produce language, but also knows how to produce specific points of language such as grammar, pronunciation, or vocabulary.

Nevertheless, out of these skills, pronunciation is the most important and difficult problem that non-native English speakers have to face when boning up English and start practice English speaking. There is no denying the fact that improper pronunciation can lead to a negative impression, misunderstanding and ineffective communication. Being worldly-wise to a lot of vocabularies is meaningless if you cannot pronounce those words correctly and no one can understand the words that you are trying to use.

This assuredly makes it crucial for you to overcome these challenges and master a whiter than white pronunciation. Following outlined tips will surely help you make rapid and measurable progress in terms of improving your English pronunciation.

1. Get familiar with the rules of pronunciation:

Before you can start correcting any mistakes you might be making, you must first familiarize yourself with the rules of pronunciation. English pronunciation rules seem arbitrary when you consider, for example, that, cough does not rhyme with tough or bough, and rose rhymes with neither dose nor lose.

2. Give ear to English Podcast:

Listening is by far the best way to learn the correct pronunciation. You might get over articles saying listen to English songs to master a good pronunciation, nonetheless, this can be misleading, because in music, sometimes pronunciations are purposefully incorrect. It’s better you go for some phenomenal podcasts dealing with pronunciation. Podcasts are free, downloadable audio programs that you can put on your mp3 player.

3. Record yourself:

Hearing yourself talk can be a vexing experience in the very beginning, but you will get used it to pretty quickly. Just keep in mind you need to improve your speech habits. Recording and then listening and analyzing to yourself talking in English seems like fairly standard and helpful advice for improving your pronunciation.

4. Just be natural and relaxed:

Getting strained can ruin your pronunciation, therefore, it is often told not to tense up or fret over every little sound and vowel. Of course, you should strive to pronounce every word correctly. However, you should also be aware of the need to be relaxed in order to avoid tensing up your mouth and vocal cords when speaking.

5. Practice Every day:

As said “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is practice”, which merely means that practice can help you achieve any goal you set. The same goes for English, a daily practice can help you command over a good pronunciation skill than any other way-out.

The first part of improving your English pronunciation is realizing what you’re doing wrong, but once you learn how to say something correctly, you need to practice often and involve that word in your conversation by repeating the correct way to say the problem letter or sound. You can also take the assistance of an English speaker or use some English speaking app which proffers you a chance to practice English with English speakers who can guide you and correct you for a pleasant pronunciation.

EngVarta- English practice app believes that pronunciation can be improved and fluency in English can be achieved quite quickly with small, concentrated doses every day. That being the case, it provides a platform where English learners can actually practice their English speaking skills with Experts who can guide them to improve their accent in English and talk English fluently just like native speakers.

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